Liberman: Ultra-Orthodox parties' 'flexibility' on draft law is a 'scam'
Yuval Karni
Published: 28.05.19, 11:39
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1. Haredi demands. Not democratic at all.
It's about time someone stood up to the Haredi demands. It is not a democracy when a minority have a much larger say in the government than what they deserve.
2. No compromise!Netanyahu is not worried about
Naor ,   Jerusalem   (05.28.19)
The cost of further elections but the fact he may loose seats.Can we honestly say we need Bibi at the cost of ultra-orthodox influence?A government without religious parties is the only sane solution .
3. Haredi have no manners or respect.Can learn some in the army
Sam ,   Montreal   (05.28.19)
They have no respect for non-haredim and no respect for elders. All their studying teaches them none of that. The parents certainly don't. Maybe the army can.
4. Then why are the Leftists trying to prevent new elections?
Jake   (05.28.19)
Laughable post!
The parties which passed the bill to break up the Knesset and move towards new elections are all on the Right, including Likud and Netanyahu.
The ones voting against it were all on the "Center" and Left.
Those are the facts.
But by all means, KEEEEEEP denying reality.
5. 1919
josef ,   herzl   (05.28.19)
haredim - winning last century's wars every day
6. hoisting themselves by their own petard!
what a country never a dull moment!
7. Charedi we’re democratically elected
Shim ,   Montreal   (05.28.19)
The Charedi parties elected four times as many members to the Knesset as Lieberman. Perhaps the electorate will teach him a lesson as they taught Bennet and Shakef in the last round. They and Lieberman were partners in the coalition and walked out for opportunism. It backfired on all three.

Lieberman is counting on the anti chateau sentiment to support him. Hopefully the electorate will see through it and punish him.
8. Jake, #3, The kippot srugot have my respect.
Michael ,   California, USA   (05.28.19)
With you and people with your wisdom, I know you could reform the Haredim and help Israel survive. Simply, tell the Knesset to stop keeping the Haredim on welfare. You know, Haredim work and serve in America, they can be productive and obey the Law.
9. Idiots: Lieberman is a scam. Haredim (as much as I dislike
their "ways") are doing exactly what any other political part might be doing...
Don't fall for cheap propaganda.
YES, the Men in Black have to be put on leash, but not because of somebody as phony as Lieberman.
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