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Israeli banks under increasing threat from cyber attacks
Irit Avissar
Published: 28.05.19, 12:40
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1. All roads to the bank need to be protected
Dan ,   Kfar Saba   (06.06.19)
All accounts that have financial data need to be protected, even those that seem to be separate from the bank.

All accounts must have passwords, sensitive accounts can have 2 factor authentication, such as SMS codes to enter AFTER the account/password authentication.
2. Government must set standards
Dan ,   Kfar Saba   (06.09.19)
Government must set and publish standards - not for the banks, for the population.

The Gov't is pushing people to live on their smartphone, needs to set
up a software store of supported apps, setup a checklist of how to
setup each phone, and which phones have been verified for security.

Do not take this wrong, a person can use any phone and download any app, but the government cannot take responsibility for those apps. The gov't
must take responsibility for "supported" apps, be they from a bank,
insurance, medical, transportation, or any other form.

Today, many phones will upload data to a cloud, the cloud storage
is not in Israel. The gov't must setup either instructions to disable
cloud upload, or take responsibility for the data.

Last week I found that a company where I have money stopped using
account/password access and permits access via ID+phone number.
The PM's cyber team claims this is fine and I should protect my phone.
The company did not warn me that the responsibility was on me via
my phone.
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