Knesset votes to disperse, hold new elections on September 17
Yuval Karni, Shahar Hai, Kobi Nachshoni and AP
Published: 30.05.19, 00:51
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1. Let the mud-slinging commence! Oy vey, I wonder: do we, the
"People" really deserve these good-for-nothing nincompoops we call politicians?!
Well I guess we do, since nobody of real stature is ready to enter their field of play.
Why would you? It takes exactly THAT type of men(and women) to spend their days on endless intriguing, hole-digging and devising of ways how to get their paws on as much of public money as possible.
In many a case, they want the money literally in their own hands (and accounts)
I cannot wait for the world that will be run by a self-aware computer program....
but will it be incorruptible?
2. Proportional representation equals no representation
Al   (05.30.19)
Its basically flawed.

Regional representation is the only democratic form of government that works.

You have 120 MK who are responsible to no one save themselves.

As a result the supreme court legislates while the supposed representatives of the people are powerless.

This is not the way to run a modern western society.
3. We need a secular and powerful Israel
Proud israeli   (05.30.19)
Our country is the start-up nation, we pioneered science and technology. This is how the world understands the importance of Israel. For a country like ours, we need a secular and reasonable government that has a vision and can think ahead of its time without bias, extremism or religious ideology being in the way.

No party is perfect but I believe that Blue and White Party are the best equipped for this role. I can't predict who will win but I love this country and hope for the best outcome.
4. It seems PM Netanyahu is A-F-R-A-I-D!
here's a song to cheer him up: "NaNa! NaNa! Hey! Hey! Good-bye!"
5. Most of the Haredim accepted the compromise
Jake   (05.30.19)
Shas and Degel Hatorah accepted.
With LIEberman in the coalition, the law had a good chance to pass.
But then, it was never LIEberman's intention to join the coalition, was it?
6. Netanyahu "won" with the Arab ironic!
The man who can't even say the words "Arab citizens" needed the votes of the Arab parties to assist him in destroying our countries political system!
Wow! Let's remember that when we vote on 17 September.
Iranian Jew ,   LALA LAND   (05.30.19)
Than turning Israel into another mullah country run by the force of religion and not secularism. Haredim are tearing Israel society apart now.
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