Netanyahu shows off Trump's map of Israel with Golan Heights
Associated Press
Published: 30.05.19, 21:49
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FO ,   Belgium   (05.30.19)
With or without him, the Golan Height were and remain accordance to International Law Jewish-Israeli property. Why? Because the League of Nations in 1922 decided so! Its decision voted unanimously by all its 51 members is called the Mandate for Palestine. This Mandate gave the Jewish people the IRREVOCABLE RIGHT in International Law to settle on the territory between the Mediterranean Sea and the Jordan River (At least because Article 25 of the Mandate became null and void 14th of May 1948!) including...THE GOLAN HEIGHTS, to create their independent state! The League's decision can't be rescinded and is reaffirmed by Article 80 of the United Nations' Charter! Ever heard Israeli Hasbara telling you this??? Never! Even worse! Dear reader, go to internet and consult the map of the Mandate for Palestine issued by the Israeli Ministry for Foreign Affairs...The Golan Heights are absent; on the bottom is written, situation in 1923. Indeed this was the situation after the British ceded in a treacherous way the Golan Heights to the French Mandate of Syria, violating Article 5 of the Mandate, while neither Weizmann, nor Sokolow opposed it! Now, have a look to the same map presented by the "Palestinian Authority: the map is 100% correct and the Golan Heights are present. The world on its head!
2. NETANYAHU will be re elected..Truth be told no one comes
Al   (05.30.19)

There is no single candidate who can pull the schtick he can.

He is a master BS artist, a con man but a master political showman.

Lieberman has shown himself to be a fool.

The Haredi leadership are ugly selfish tools.

The left are out to lunch.

Gantz has as much brains as a turkey.

In short no one comes close to this guys capability. Too bad his wife is a witch. She is pulling him down.
3. More BS from Bibi and friends
Daniel ,   Tel Aviv   (05.31.19)
Now maybe Jared will juggle or play a series of horns like the trained seal he is. When the illegitimate president of the USA whom the world except for Israel despises as a despotic narcissistic idiot presents you with scribble treat it like you would your five year olds drawing. Put it on your refrigerator and show it to your coffee clutch. It’s not worth anything more than that.
4. Bibis next map MUST include J & S !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Chris Rettenmoser ,   Bayerisch Gmain Germ   (05.31.19)
5. Lame Duck Prime Minister = USA Senator 4 Trump!
6. Netanyahu pays tribute to Trump: Is Israel still Sovereign?
7. Kushner lords it over Netanyahu with manipulative handshake.
Look at the photo...the Lame Duck Prime Minister reaches in for the handshake while Kushner keeps his hand close to his body.
...and so the once mighty Master of Manipulative communication surrenders to an American pisher! Oy vey! G-d help Israel!
8. weakling
ed   (05.31.19)
Golan belongs to Israel from history, war and law. bibi grovels before trump touting what he says because he has no confidence in himself. the drowning incident in soldier days is bloody over. get over it and conquer your damn fears. you don't need trump to tell you that Golan is Israeli. if you had some conviction in your bones, you would not need trump. you are weak like gabbay and herzog of labour.

Lieberman had his shot at defense and he was bibi #2,

vote for Bennett you moronic Israelis!
9. no spine
jeb   (05.31.19)
an excelletn diplomat, bibi has no steel in his bones to fight an all out war with hezbollah/iran and even hamas. he hits single batteries. who the hell taught him how to fight?

idf has been abysmal in graduating various soldiers who do not know how to fight allegedly, olmert pacifist, peretz - no understanding of the battefield, and various other desk officers seem to have no ability to fight. all jews need to know how to fight and defend., torah study is not enough.

we cannot have jews fleeing constantly. stop and take a stand if at all possible.

vote for bennett.gantz wants to withdraw so you will have hamastan on the west bank. are you insane???!!

vote for bennett and do not screw up this time.
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