Two detained as authorities clamp down on disruptions for Jerusalem Gay Pride parade
Published: 06.06.19, 13:18
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1. PSALM 94
Today ,thursday has the psalm 94 : ' Hinaseh shofet haaretz hashev g'mool al GAYIM . ' Which translated states : ' G-d of vengeance ,rise up judge of the earth and pay back to the proud what they deserve.' The word for "proud " is GAYIM ,which also means Gays. Therefore they call themselves ' GAY PRIDE ' and their parade or march is the same day as this psalm, thursday ,or Yom Chamishi.
2. What do they want ??
What do these attention-seeking and insecure " Gay " folk want ? do they seek universal approval and a pat on the back from everyone ? why can't they just be discreet and live their lives quietly just like the rest of mankind ?
3. Dear G-d, Please bless & keep all my babies safe! Thank You.
hetero granny ,   Israel   (06.06.19)
4. If they arrested self hating Anti Semitic gays 99% in jail
GaysRantisemites ,   Jerusalem   (06.07.19)
Anti Semitism is rampant in Gay society around the world and espciakky in
Israel by self hating Israeli gays who spread their sick hate around the world
5. Chile
Roberto ,   Concón   (06.08.19)
I disagree with the «Safed Genius» scrpiptural BS. (It's beyond stupid). I also disagree with you, Naftuli. You don't seem to realize you impose a Torah of your own on others too.
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