Friendly fire may set the right wing on the path to defeat
Shlomo Pyuterkovsky
Published: 11.06.19, 23:29
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1. Keep dreaming....
Jake   (06.12.19)
2. Nonsensical terminology
prg   (06.12.19)
Once again we have an uninformed ignoramus writing nonsense - this time about the Blue & White party. Just like the usual suspects, he assumes that anything outside of the dominant strongly right camp overseen by Netanyahu has to be "left."

Blue & White does not identify itself as "center left" but is in fact more center-soft right. While the left wishes to pursue a peace initiative and would readily concede to a Palestinian state - in almost all of the occupied territory (including most of East Jerusalem), Blue & White is not willing to compromise on the recognized Israeli blocs in Judea and Shomron and seeks a divorce from the Palestinians, whether there is a peace initiative or not. It also holds strong views on law and order, which is the very opposite of the left camp.

The fact that the party has soft left members is neither here no there given that it has as many who are more rightward of center. It is ludicrous to consider a party comprising three Chief of Staff generals (only one of which veers more to the left and the other two are very definitely to the right) and large numbers of nationalist-Zionist orthodox members as having a more "leftist" identity.

And it's time to put this tribal - and divisive - nonsense to bed.

3. unity?
BAB ,   Jerusalem   (06.12.19)
Unfortunately, unity is a rare commodity in Israeli politics, whether from the left or right, religious or secular.
By calling it a 'unified' party, it doesn't make it one.
In the last campaign, we heard the slogan 'we put our ego aside' from several parties. This was obviously lip service only.
Let's try to get through these elections without excessive infighting.
4. Ayelet Shaked
C   (06.12.19)
she is one of the most gifted politicians/leaders in the country. hopefully, she
will join one of the parties, preferably likud. netanyahu needs to forget old
squabbles and think of the future of the state.
5. DON'T be fooled by Blue and White liars!
Chaim ,   Israel   (06.13.19)
B&W is every bit as leftist as the disastrous Labor or Meretz Parties. It knows it could never hope to win elections if it ran on it's real leftist agenda. So it is trying to fool Israelis by pretending to be soft right. Israelis must not be fooled by B&W liars.

If, heaven forbid, B&W wins, Israel would soon find herself menaced by another Oslo type horror. Once again, cretin leftist politicians would endlessly prattle about peace, while turning Israel into a 9 mile wide concentration camp. Once again, Israelis would be maimed and murdered, by the thousands, by our leftist empowered mortal "Palestinian" foes.
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