Gaza rocket hits Sderot Yeshiva
Matan Tzuri
Published: 13.06.19, 21:39
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1. While Bibi's main concern is staying out of jail
Avi L.   (06.13.19)
Is he going to send more cash for Hamas to build more rockets?

Stop hitting empty buildings, start killing those who give the orders

BTW what of Iron Dome?
2. Time to start bombing completely empty buildings
Jake ,   Dallas   (06.14.19)
You don’t need a newspaper; you can just look at the ones from the last few years. It’s always the same. Rockets, bomb empty buildings (“targets”) ceasefire, rockets, bomb empty buildings, ceasefire rockets .... as infinitum
3. First they burn Israel's fields....
DSM ,   USA   (06.14.19)
then they rocket Sderot and Israel's leaders don't seem to know what to do. Israel does not seem to have a nationalist leader who knows how to protect it's territory and citizens. Obviously Bibi was not the answer and for sure no member of the Blue and White party will fill the bill. Does such a person exist in Israel able to lead the country in such perilous times ?
4. arguments for tougher action fall on deaf ears
morton   (06.14.19)
bibi cannot take more decisive action because he simply has no grasp of it,nor does he have the spine to take it on.that is why he was deaf to Bennett and lieberman more recently to take decisive action. he has no idea of what that looks like and how to implement it.

instead of blaming him, vote for Bennett to take security on for himself. bibi iike olmert and peretz before him does not think in terms of maps, and how to hit the weak spots. he naively thinks that an airstrike by Israel does the job.

and you would think in arriving at a deal with hamas, Israel would say any breach of ceasefire like balloon arson, sniper fire etc will lead to the removal of hamas leadership in a lightening surprise blitz .bibi does not think in these terms so it is wasteful to even condemn him. Nor does he have the nerve to set gazan fields on fire.

bibi in truth is no more than a press spokesman.
5. The problem with Sderot
Rich ,   Toronto   (06.14.19)
is that it is too close to the Gaza. It‘s craziness! Move the whole city back 10 kilometers and you are out of the range of an attack. But the Israel government doesn‘t want to do that. They don‘t mine sacrificing Jewish lives so they can keep fighting the Arabs. When will Israelis say enough is enough?
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