Source: Police may drop charges if no movement on rape case
Elisha Ben Kimon, Nina Fuchs
Published: 19.06.19, 20:52
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1. Our bumbling cops are at it again! Now it's a double crime!
2. If the glove doesn't fit, you must acquit!
3. It's pretty clear what happened here
Vered, Israel   (06.20.19)
A child was raped. Any normal parents would know to go immediately to the police, who would insist on DNA testing and a medical evaluation. There would be no discrepancy as to where it occurred, since it happened 15 minutes ago. But...enter the Hareidim, famous for sexual abuse among educators. The poor child comes home - and is violated again. The parents either willingly or through extreme social pressure, don't report it for a week. No chance of DNA evidence. Since it probably happened at school, and nothing is more sacred than the rabbis' reputation, they get a scapegoat. Disgusting
4. Despicable
Petra Moss ,   Monmouth   (06.20.19)
Settlers have dropped to a new low! Using their children to falsely accuse Palestinians of rape. How could any parent make their child make such an allegation and let it go through the investigation of such? Despicable !!
5. Most rapists in Israel seem to be Jewish or politicians or
Ken   (06.20.19)
both, have they been investigated?
6. Why is Ynet posting the garbage of one Porky Sherry
who knows nothing about the Middle East and especially, Israel? Slow day for posts?
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