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Many sticks, few carrots: Trump's Palestinian policy
Published: 28.06.19, 14:35
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1. Prior policy was dishonest
Steve Benassi ,   Minneapolis USA   (06.28.19)
Recognizing Israel belongs to Jews and that Arabs belong to Arabia is honest
2. YNET forgets, Israel won and the Pals lost
Steven Gilbert ,   Teaneck   (06.28.19)
3. Trump held hostage to Jewish Robber Baron&Christian Zionists
Khslid Amayreh ,   Jerusalem   (06.28.19)
4. Why does ynet post a foreign bias version of events?
I cant uunderstand. It takes 20minutes to write and source an article like this one. Anyone with basic knowledge on the subject matter could do better.
Why doesn't ynet write its own?
AP Reuters afp and others have shown their lack of journalism integrity especially when Jews or Israel are involved.
Why would you promote them while demoting yourself?
5. "Palestinians" are mortal foes. Offer them carrots to leave!
Chaim ,   Israel   (06.28.19)
"Palestinians" maim, murder and harm Israelis and Jews every chance they get. They always have. If we were a normal people, the LAST thing on our minds would be rewarding them. "Palestinians" are mortal foes. Offer them only carrots to leave our land forever!
6. Wrong. USA is totally honest. Honest.
David ,   Hartford USA   (06.28.19)
What Trump has done is to tell the 'Palestinians' that terror does not pay. Very simple. Random stabbings, random murder and rapes of hikers, random butchering of entire families in their beds sleeping, random slaughter of boys in Yeshiva, random butchering of rabbis at prayer in their own synagogue, random car rammings, random busses blowing up, random murders of kids on beaches, and on and on and on.

Terror does not pay. Previous administrations said, "It's okay that random Israelis are murdered, the Arabs have problems."

Trump, at last, has said "Killing has a price. Killing is not the way."

Trump has made the USA the MOST honest broker in the last 40 years. No more kowtowing to the Arabs.

The author of the article is wrong, as usual for Reuters.
7. Separating peoples on the basis of citizenship
Mark ,   Haifa   (06.28.19)
The Greeks do not give jobs to the Turks.
Azerbaijanis do not build schools for Armenians.
Serbs do not pay pensions to Albanians.
Why do Jews do all this for the Arabs ?

Separating peoples on the basis of citizenship is the most rewarding.
Checked in the past by:
Greeks - Turks, Hungarians - Austrians, Poles - Germans, Lithuanians - Russians, Czechs - Slovaks, Irish - British, Serbs - Croats and so on.

It's time to release the "occupied" and compare the rights of Arabs in Haifa and Jaffa to the rights of Jews in Ramallah and Gaza.
Palestinian-Jordanian citizenship, Abu Dis and Shu'afat - for Arabs,
Israeli citizenship and Jerusalem - for Jews !
8. Reuters has always had a pro-Palestinian tilt.
Sam ,   Montreal   (06.28.19)
The Palestinian 2 state solution which they angrily demand is 2 Palestinian states, the second achieved by a right of return into Israel proper. That is why nothing is ever achieved. The Palestinians feed their propaganda to Reuters
and Reuters happily regurgitates it back to the public.
9. According to Reuters, adopting PLO demands is "neutral"
Jake   (06.28.19)
..adopting Israel's position is "ending the American role of an honest broker".

The PLO is a mass-murdering terror organization. They don't represent their subjects any more than ISIS represents the citizens of Raqqa. Israel & the US should have never recognized the PLO in the first place.
10. Fatah needs to merge with Hamas....
Hard Troof ,   Los Angeles   (06.28.19)
and start firing rockets at West Jerusalem and Jewish settlements
11. Screw the Arabs and sodomize their Islamic faith, that'll do
12. "so what do we call ourselves who steal land, lock up kids
and get billions of dollars from the USA???" "palestinians". Next question.

13. The truth
The truth ,   Toronto   (06.29.19)
Maybe trump is Aware of the facts:
The Palestinians have REFUSED every peace offer given to them.
In 1947, the U.N approved Resolution 181, partitioning the former British mandate into two states for two people. One for the Jews, one for the Palestinians.
The Jews accepted this partition.
The Palestinians and Arabs refused and went to war with hopes to exterminate all the Jews. They lost.
In 1979 Arafat refuses Sadat offer to join peace talks with Israel.
In 2000, Arafat refuses Israel's offer with bill Clinton's guarantees, the Palestinians also started their violent intifada protest.
In 2007 Abbas refuses Olmert's peace offer.
The truth is the Palestinians refused every peace offer. They could have had a state many years ago but decided to take the path of war.
Even before 1967, when the Palestinians and Arabs had east Jerusalem, Had the West Bank, Had Gaza and there were no settlements,
They refused to recognize Israel's right to exist. Refused to talk peace.
The Palestinians have REFUSED every peace offer given to them.
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