Palestinian who dropped marble slab on IDF soldier sentenced to life in prison
Elisha Ben Kimon
Published: 22.07.19, 10:52
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1. Typical life in the occupied territories and Israel, welcome
Ken   (07.22.19)
2. Bring back capital punishment!
Talula ,   Tel Aviv   (07.22.19)
3. What "occupied territories"?
Dr Yeruham Frank Lea ,   Kiriat Arba, Hebron.   (07.22.19)
What "occupied territories"? You refer to the Biblical Land of Israel..
Dr Yeruham Frank Leavitt,
Kiriat Arba, Hebron.
4. shaked should not say united right does not wish defense
martin   (07.22.19)
this is a mistake. bibi is a diplomat. he has shown in all encounters that he is not able to apply military skills. he is an unnatural ex soldier in my judgmeent. he is governed by fear.

not so,he is very good at tourism and industry. he should have nothing to do with defense which should to to bennett.

bibi like olmert livni peretz has eroded israelis deterrence. he does not know how to crush the enemy.he acts more like beilin.
5. shaked's united right might get 16 seats
orly   (07.22.19)
if shaked gets 16 seats and gives bibi a slim majority. she absolutely has to demand, yes demand defense and give it over to bennett. no ifs ands or buts.

netanyahu does not belong at defense- he has no feel for the attack. the idf must be scratching its head at its lack of training. harden the soldiers. if they do not measure up, switch them to desk duty or media.

shaked doing well is dangerous for bibi because he may not win the pm job. in that case, indictments and jail are likely.

Israel is in a pickle because the media focused alternatives are worse-gantz is passive, reluctant and his record according to shapira is bad. yaalon is a big talker more concerned with turf wars than with bottom line performance. and lapid is a smug arrogant ignoramus when it comes to security.he doesn't know what he is talking about. he learned from total flop olmert.

vote for shaked and bennett big time.
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