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Finding strength after the murder of her grandchild
Elisha Ben Kimon
Published: 12.08.19, 18:25
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1. These are the thugs to whose hands Europeans demand that...
N.K. Shlomzion   (08.12.19)
...we, Jews, hand over parts of that which is defined by international law, including the UN charter, "the national home of the Jewish people" by way of appeasing them. We say to these Europeans: NEVER AGAIN!!
2. Why is her family name not Sorek?
NYC   (08.12.19)
So Falcon's father changed his family name to the name of the town of Delilah (noght, darkness, evil) comes from? And named is son after an animal of prey?
3. Of course they will laugh all the way to the bank = FAKE.
NYC   (08.12.19)
4. Again, what's the name of that dude upstairs?! You know: The
Merciful One...Omnipotent One, Just One?
Please remind me......
5. Heartbreaking
Talula ,   Tel Aviv   (08.13.19)
My heart breaks for this family - I wish them the strength to get through this terrible terrible time.
6. Thank you for this article.
chaya   (08.13.19)
What a beautiful Neshama, no words to express the sorrow of your loss. May G-d comfort you... much, much Love.
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