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Russia recommends villagers leave area of accident as radiation levels spike
Published: 13.08.19, 16:26
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1. Me
Ron ,   Buffalo Grove   (08.13.19)
2. When Putin unveiled his "nuclear-powered rocket",...
critics dubbed it as "Flying Chernobyl". Yet it was meant as a joke. Now, it is becoming reality. How many catastrophes do the Russians (and not only them) need to finally start treating nuclear energy with the caution and respect such dangerous stuff requires? When do the over-grown kids in Kremlin and elsewhere understand that atomic energy is not a toy for dictator’s pleasure? Radioactivity does not follow the party’s commands. It does not care about your threats, your army, your secret police... It just goes out and kills everybody, respecting no borders and ignoring any of your foolish ideologies.
3. Putin should be charged with crimes against humanity.
David ,   Hartford USA   (08.13.19)
This is Chernobyl all over again. Who knows the true number of fatalities? How many tens of thousands of people will be evicted from their homes?

What the hell is wrong with Putin for developing such weapons? Why doesn't the World Court throw charges against him for crimes against humanity? Who knows how many people in the future will come down with various cancers?

This is modern Russia? Weapons of mass destruction at all costs? Putin must be deposed.

Russian technology is dangerous and in the hands of a Tsar wannabe.

The Russian morons learned nothing from Chernobyl. Nothing.
4. Rotten Russia will remain the retarded cousin of humanity it
always has been....
Incredible how this clueless nation learns nothing, remembers nothing, wants nothing better for itself...
Disgusting, cheap little liars.
IRANIAN JEW ,   LALA LAND   (08.17.19)
How long does the world have to suffer so a few up there feel great about their mother RUSSIA? Give it up VLADI. You have made enough money for yourself and your stooges around you. Stop playing with nuke toys.
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