Opinion  Amnon Abramovich
One issue is leading Israel into oblivion, and everyone is ignoring it
Amnon Abramovich
Published: 15.08.19, 08:22
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1. I much prefer the UFO -science than Abramovich&his hysterics
2. occupation
Michael ,   Seattle   (08.14.19)
There is no Occupation. There are Jews defending themselves from those who proudly and publicly declare that there goal is to destroy Israel and kill every Jew in Israel. They also declare proudly and publicly that no matter how much land Israel gives to them and no matter what concessions Israel makes, they will never give up this goal. Then they whine and complain that the Jews are Oppressing them by the Occupation. The Palestinians message to the world, which this author apparently accepts is basically this:
"We want to kill all the Jews and destroy Israel, but Israel won't let us. Therefore, we are Oppressed. End the Occupation and let us kill Jews and destroy Israel as we wish!"

Self defense is not Oppression. Refusing to go quietly to your death is not Oppression. Preventing Genocide by those determined to slaughter you is not Oppression. Winning a war you did not start or desire is not Oppression.

Before the "Occupation", before 1967, there were dozens of terrorist attacks by Palestinians in the West Bank and Gaza against Jews in Israel. So obviously the Occupation is not the problem. The Palestinians do not get to declare their goal is to kill Jews and destroy Israel, commit terrorist attacks, missile attacks and murder at every opportunity, and then whine and complain about the Occupation when Israel tries to prevent the Palestinians from killing more Jews.

If Israel would withdraw to the 1967 borders, it would essentially be admitting that the Palestinians get to kill Jews for free.

The Palestinians seem to have forgotten the first rule of war: You might lose.
3. Israel’s other elephant in the room
Arnie ,   Montreal   (08.15.19)
Too many chiefs and not enough Indians. Way , way , way too many political parties.
4. amnon abramvich things he is some kind of oracle
jeb   (08.14.19)
amnon is like arrogant olmert and beiin- he thinks he knows.

occupation-smockupation-israel would not be there if arabs decided on a peaceful state.they have not.they want the whole of israel and they say so. this amnon, the schmuck ignores.

demographics are overrated and other methods can be utilized.

regardless, israel must control its borders and that means Jordan valley and ridges at a minimum.

every piece of land that Israel withdrew from has been used as a terror base.

amnon is a schmuck because he is congenitally unable to open his eyes to see reality.
FO ,   Belgium   (08.15.19)
After having disowned the creation of an independent Jewish state till Hitler's final solution, a negation that made the Shoah in such an extend possible, the Israeli Left still doesn't refrain from betraying and keeping classified Jewish-Israeli territorial rights in International Law! There is no “occupation”, you call "multi-metastatic", Mr. Abramovich. A Palestinian nation (an invention of the KGB) is a fiction, most of them are descendents of hundreds of thousand Muslim migrants from surrounding countries who entered Palestine through none-guarded borders during, and with the blessing of the British Mandate, to enjoy the development of the country by the Jews, a country that less than half a million Muslim had left "A hopeless, Dreary, Heart-Broken Land" as described by Marc Twain.
6. Abramovich, take your "occupation" B.S. and shove it!
Chaim ,   Israel   (08.15.19)
Judea and Samaria belong to Jews and have for more than 4,000 years. It is obvious to any child, capable of reading a map, that Judea and Samaria make Israel viable. Without Judea and Samaria, Israel is a helpless 9 mile wide concentration camp. Abramovich, take your "occupation" B.S. and shove it where the sun don't shine. Nobody buys it anymore.
7. Imbecile Abramovich is pushing Israel into oblivion
Steve Benassi ,   Minneapolis USA   (08.15.19)
8. excellent op-ed, on corrupt PM BN and gov's skew to settlers
Yohanan ,   Jerusalem   (08.15.19)
9. Abramovich: EXCELLENT OP-ED
Rafi ,   US   (08.16.19)
all the right-wingers are quaking & quvelling !!
10. That Israeli journalist should vanish from our screens&pages
11. What occupation??
Steven   (08.16.19)
For shame Ynet for allowing this progressive traitor to write this garbage. There is no occupation, except the Arab occupation of Jewish lands.
12. Except for a few die hard Leftists
Mickey Harel ,   Givatayim   (08.16.19)
After the Oslo fiasco and 1600+ Israelis murdered in the name of ending the "occupation" no one except a few diehard leftists are claiming that giving up parts of Israel to a terrorist entity is logical .. Abramovich is stuck in the 1990's and dosen't seem to be able to move on or incorporate that a New Middle East was just a messianic delusion of the Left in Israel.
13. Israel is the Palestinian state the Jewish Palestinian state
14. When progressive humane politics have finally disappeared ..
Bertram ,   London, UK.   (08.16.19)
....and Israel is on the brink of destruction the ideologically-driven Israeli hard right extremists will form a circular firing squad as they blame each other for its downfall. A great Jewish legacy.
15. The only "vanishing" I hope for, is Abramovich disappearing
from our media....
16. Reality is leading Abramovich& his ilk into oblivion,finally
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