U.S. Senate Democratic leader urges Israel to reverse ban on lawmakers' visit
Published: 15.08.19, 20:16
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1. They do not want to come to DEBATE only want to come to HATE
Alan ,   SA   (08.15.19)
Thank you, Mr President, for admonishing Israel for wanting to allow these two haters to come and create havoc. .They had an evil program for their tour. Rioting on Temple Mount and in Judea and Samaria. Many lives were saved by your timeous and constructive intervention,Sir.
2. Did Nancy&Chuck say anything when 2 said SKIP the TRIP?
Alan ,   SA   (08.15.19)
for the over 40 freshman DEMOCRAT Congress people.Why only they have bad comments for the great state of Israel (as they call Israel)
3. Israel does right!!!
Ardeth Bey ,   US   (08.15.19)
Good for Israel to ban these two pieces of orange dung. The vile Chuck Schumer should be another who is banned from the country of Israel.
4. Here's how it should be
Israeli Muslim   (08.15.19)
If they want to visit Israel to learn about it before criticising it then sure. Everyone is welcome. But if you already have your mind made up and coming here to undermine our country then you are not welcome.

Boycotting israel doesn't only harm the state but the citizens too. I as a citizen of this country who loves the state and the people will not accept them to visit here under a biased agenda. They left their countries to live in a democracy and now they are fighting to end israel as a democracy and bring in the dictatorship that comes with Palestinian rule. No thanks. God bless Israel.
5. Pathetic Democrats.
tiki ,   belgium   (08.15.19)
This once democratic party is going down the drain fast since it was hijacked by these hateful fanatics.
6. Fraud
Ed ,   USA   (08.15.19)
They wanted to go to a place that does not exist. As a US taxpayer, I object to people spending my money for propaganda purposes. Even worse, they want to insure that Trumps peace plan fails.
7. Schumer used the word “Debate”...
Schumer   (08.15.19)
Not sure it was what these two planned. They didn’t come here to debate.
How can you be part or support the BDS movement and debate.
There is no place for debates for them.
If you reject Israel’s right to live or its legitimacy, there is no room for debate, Mr Schumer.
8. It is a sign of weakness.
Bibi sucking up to Trump the racist bigot. Do you think these two members of congress need to be in Israel to stoke the fires for the BDS movement? Granting them access is a chance to try and change some of their views on Israel but instead Israel chooses the cowards way out. Trumps way. Israel is starting to look more and more Like Trumps vision of America. Where is Israel’s distinct identity? How can a diverse nation of people survive with this way of thinking? One human race on one planet. Peace.
9. Mr.
Natan ,   Jerusalen   (08.15.19)
Funny how these two Jew hating congressman gave been exposed as Islamic propagandists! Don't worry they hate America more than Israel! Letting them into Israel is like letting in terrorists and giving them a free bomb. Funny when Jewish athletes and Israeli athletes wanted to play in Olympics in Muslim Countries and they are not let in these same democrats like Chuck Schumer and Elizabeth Warren are silent and Ilan Omar and Rashida Tlaib not a word ofcptotest! When Hamas teaches kindergarten children to murder Jews and become a Shahid these terrorist mouthpieces are silent!
10. Radical Islam is Ok?
MadDad ,   Johannesburg   (08.15.19)
Would Polosie have the same reaction if Israel barred an alt right from entering?
11. Good on ya, forever blessed !!!!!!!
ksm ,   Jerusalem   (08.15.19)
12. Thanks God we’ve got Trump to save us from our own PM!
13. SCHUMER + PELOSI = 2 PIECES OF S...IT !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Chris Rettenmoser ,   Bayerisch Gmain Germ   (08.15.19)
14. Tough call...but
BAB ,   Jerusalem   (08.15.19)
Assuming there are 'deals' we are unaware of (such as squeezing out another important recognition of Israel's sovereignty by Trump), the decision to deny entry paints a poor initial impression of lack of confidence, etc. They obviously intended to engage in grandstanding in Israel. OTOH, many minds have been changed by seeing reality, seeing borders, seeing non-apartheid projects, etc.
If they were to say that they were coming with an open mind, perhaps things would be different. Their visit would be unique in that they contend Israel should be wiped off the map with no right to exist. How can any country welcome those whose intention is to hammer a nail in a virtual coffin? Being open-minded was not on their agenda.
15. Self hating Jews
douglas klein ,   ft lauderdale   (08.16.19)
To drerd with the commie left wing democrat jew haters and the self haters in AIPAC. We are abandoning their party and going Harrumph even if w have to hold our noses
16. Okay so what harm would be done letting them in. None.
17. Isreal afraid of 2 members of US congress.
YNET is turning into a hot bed of extremists hell bent on making Israel into the image of Trumps America. Except it won't work. It's funny to read Jews writing there thoughts down reflecting Neo Nazi dogma and applying it to the survival of Israel. Down with Trump World.
18. saved yourselves from an ocean of grief with that malice duo
Cameron   (08.16.19)
It would have been an absolute BS circus.

You are under no obligation to indulge that malice pair.

Look, forget the Dems......these are the Trump years.

Keeping on the good side of the Oval Office is the vital duty.
19. Pathetic Chuck,
Jackieboy   (08.16.19)
Frontman for an antisemitic party.
20. Israel controls USA from NY to LA, Congress in our pocket
Mark Epstein ,   NEW YORK   (08.16.19)
21. Deri has my respect
Gene   (08.16.19)
I never had much respect for him. Now I do.
22. As a liberal & full critic of BB, I think it was a GOOD CALL
Rafi ,   us   (08.16.19)
on the part of Israel's govt.

Nothing good was going to come out of a visit by these two snakes...
Schumer clearly doesn't know who he's dealing with here.

But... be careful handling the other two members of the 'Squad' (AOC and Pressley): they are not viscerally anti-Semitic the way Omar & Tlaib are. No point in pushing them further toward the bad guys...

Pressley even voted in favor on the anti-BDS legislation. Try to work with her!
23. Such an easy choice to make, but Bibi couldn't do it, Trump
needed to tell this insecure child what to do.
Oy Vey: Bibi I appreciated you very much, but now: please move over, and let Ayelet take over...
24. Dems are morphing from butterfly into a caterpillar....
25. It takes a US President to do Israeli PM's job! Trembling
Netanyahu is always looking for shleykes AND a belt & sock-suspenders to make any essential move.
He is one lucky dude to have lasted that long with so little substance...
Oh, but (to quote from Blazing Saddles): "he uses his mouth prettier than a $20 whore!"
26. So, the democrats are threatening Israel?
Yael Schlichting ,   Berlinn   (08.15.19)
After Obama everything goes from bad to worse.
The socialists are inherently anti-Semitic, no matter if they originally were Jewish.
27. Weak American Jews
DSM ,   USA   (08.16.19)
Jews in both the House and Senate are afraid to open their mouths against AOC, Talib and Omar. By not speaking out these so called Jews are letting Anti Semitism run rampant in the House. If for no other reason Bibi should be defeated for wanting to allow these two into Israel to spill the hatred to the world. Once again Israel can thank Trump.
28. US Democratic party has been hijacked
C   (08.16.19)
this once normal liberal democratic party has been hijacked by supporters
of islamism and marxism.
the question is who are the financial supporters of omar and tlaib, two
supporters of islam and marxism.
an even more important question is why do pelosi and schumer accept
the ideology of these two bds supporting women.
why do leaders of the democratic party accept jew hatred and hatred
of the sovereign jewish state of israel within their party.
29. why do these two women have so much power?!
C   (08.16.19)
omar and tlaib are two freshmen in congress. they represent only their
own districts in the united states congress. they are not national leaders.
they are not supported by the majority of americans.

one gets the impression that some very powerful people, not elected
politicians, are financing and supporting these women with the aim
to harm israel and american interests.
30. congressional visits should be bipartisan
harold   (08.16.19)
congressional visits should be bipartisan. so tlaib and omar should have to speak to Israeli govt officials and Israelis bordering gaza, alongside her visits to crab officials in ramle..

the real problem is not to visit or not, the problem is Israeli pm is a yes man to trump/yes sir-I'll do what you say.This showed itself in real time and is quite striking.

I knew this before but many Israelis likely did not know this about bibi.
This is not good. Israel cannot be led anymore by a yes man like bibi or delusional osloists who will get more Israelis killed by their policies- ie lapid, gantz.They both want to withdraw from parts of the west bank. vacated areas will be staging posts for rocket attacks.

likud is in for a shock. the next 2-3 polls will show likud with 15-25 seats. Likud will sink like a stone. bennett and shaked will get 15-25 seats.

likud should find an excuse to dump bibi and have a brief leadership with barkat, saar and others competing.

bibi weakness is hard to take. It is one of the reasons he has not unleashed the idf. He is a yes man with no leadership ideas of his own. Yes sir, yes sir.

before ynet and haaretz smile too much, gantz and lapid are worse.

so vote for Bennett and shaked. bibi is toast.I intend to vote for bennett and shaked.
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