Car-ramming terror attack in Gush Etzion wounds brother and sister headed for family vacation
Published: 16.08.19, 14:56
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1. capture hamas leaders
ian   (08.16.19)
stop playing bandaid games. capture hamas leaders period.

vote for bennett and shaked. israel has not had any kind of victory since sharon cleared out west bank.

arrogant olmert who now that he is out of jail wants Israelis to forget his sinful Israeli killing concessions and his winograd reprimand in the hezbollah war. his advice is worthless and is of the white flag variety.
bibi pays ransoms for quiet because his own experiences paralyze him in my judgement. he has no initiative and is afraid of blood.

stop playing games. vote for bennett and shaked.
2. Prayers for the injured and.....
David ,   Hartford USA   (08.16.19)
good riddance to the scumbag killer. So let's see what the dead terrorist accomplished: he injured two innocent kids, got himself killed, and is responsible for his soon-to-be-demolished family home.

Smart kids, these brainwashed Palestinian idiots.
"Hi mom! I got myself killed and you all have to move out tonight because tomorrow the house is just piles of concrete!"

Really, the only response to this kind of behavior is to massively build up the Jewish towns. A Jew is murdered, a 100 unit apartment complex is built. Multiple Jews killed, a thousand unit apartment complex.

As another poster usually signs off: BUILD, BABY, BUILD!

I guess he was right all along.
3. Hamas is murderous group.Anyone belonging should be jailed
Sam ,   Montreal   (08.16.19)
Any Hamas member caught on Gaza border in West Bank or Israel should be jailed. That includes their leaders and followers. They are inciting and participating in murder. They certainly shouldn't be given jobs or allowed in Israeli hospitals.
oleg ,   fl   (08.16.19)
5. These are not times for a weakling of a PM. We’ve got a
golden opportunity to ease Mr. Netanyahu out to pasture ( and engage full time in his trials & tribulations) while we bravely continue onward under superior leadership of Mrs. Shaked.
The only logical heir to Bibi’s legacy.....
How about it , Am Yisruel???
6. This is how Hamas welcomes their Democrat supporter
Rashida Tlaib to Israel by doing what they do best...terror attacks.
7. Don't Worry
DSM ,   USA   (08.16.19)
Bibi will give a harsh condemnation speech.
8. sinwar of gaza runs circles around bibi
ray   (08.17.19)
yaya sinwar leader of Gaza is tough, resolute, intelligent, has stamina and courage in spades. he runs circles around yes man bibi who sweats tying his shoelaces.

wise up you Israelis- vote for Bennett en mass.

gantz is another version of bibi but even less effective, lapid is security ignoramus,, and yaalon and ashkenazi talks a good game but have not been effective.

vote for Bennett.

bibi cannot handle a 2 front war. he would collapse and yield judea samaria and even golan for a ceasefire. Lieberman had his shot at defense and was not a game changer.

vote for bennett and shaked
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