Ukrainains irate as Sara Netanyahu throws bread on floor during Kiev welcome
Itamar Eichner
Published: 19.08.19, 21:12
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1. OMGoodness! what is wrong with the lady!?
I am Sefardi and even I know that there is a special spiritual magic and welcome in this Ukrainian ceremony of the welcoming bread!
Sara should have known after all she is a Polish Maidaleh!
2. disrespectful and uneducated - disgraceful behavior
debby   (08.19.19)
3. He shouldn’t have tasted it either
Leo   (08.20.19)
if his security team didn’t inspect and confirm the bread to be “kosher” from the get go. Basic precautions for a head of state.
4. Mr.
I.K. ,   Clifton, NJ   (08.20.19)
Bibi-dude takes Sarka with him on any trips.
Is that for good luck, Haver Bibi?
Delegate her to an European school of Proper Manners.
5. Give us this day our daily Bread...
RABBI COOK ,   SAFED   (08.20.19)
6. Anyone else could've done it & "get away" with it, but for
this "First Lady" it's just not an option...
She is hated so much, by such a large portion of Israelis (for the right or wrong reasons) that it just is not an "option"
The cockpit incident underlines the impression, that all the stories of this lady's nastiness may be very true indeed.
Poor Bibi and I'm not saying this to spite.
Those that are married and want to succeed at it, know well what I mean.
All the rest, the couch-warriors and couch-statesmen, solving our problems in an afternoon will say: why can't he get a grip on her?
7. Virtually nothing to see in the video
Jake   (08.20.19)
She let fall a tiny piece of bread, but the Ukranian reactions are telling.
8. SHE'S TOAST ....ha ha ha ha
Mr Cynic ,   safed cynic house   (08.20.19)
9. Why does she fly with him if she can't behave?
Jerusalemite ,   Jerusalem   (08.20.19)
She has been flying with him to every trip he made in the past 13 years. You would at least expect her to be respectful and have learnt about protocol in exchange for the privilege. Who on earth throws away bread given as a greeting? This is unbelievably rude,
10. Some Israelis cannot afford bread, and she throws it away?
Jerusalemite ,   Jerusalem   (08.20.19)
This is not only rude, it is only deeply disrespectful for all the people in Israel and Ukraine who can't afford bread, some Holocaust survivors.
11. Nechama Rivlin was the First Lady. Sarah never was.
Hannah ,   Haifa   (08.20.19)
The First Lady of Israel is the wife of the President. Sarah Netanyahu does not have any official role as per protocol.
12. She thinks she's royalty
Talula ,   Tel Aviv   (08.20.19)
She's not - she suffers from delusions of grandeur - she is absolutely revolting. And, the sooner we see the back of her, the better.
13. The Cyprus incident and now this
Talula ,   Tel Aviv   (08.20.19)
No wonder the entire world hates us. We've got a group of disgustingly behaved boys and the pompous Sarah - and it's all in the news. I'm so embarrassed.
14. It wasn't kosher.
leo ,   usa   (08.20.19)
15. Sarah is the last lady of Israel, the absolute bottom.
Michael ,   California, USA   (08.20.19)
16. She really shouldn't appear in public anymore.
Ashamed Israeli   (08.20.19)
17. Gift from a host.
paul malykont ,   los osos, california   (08.25.19)
Who throws away a gift from a host? How totally boorish.
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