Israel: Iran, Hezbollah intensifying missile efforts
News Agencies
Published: 29.08.19, 17:01
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1. Hizballah is dragging Lebanon to the stone age
N.K. Shlomzion   (08.29.19)
Hizballah, Islamist warlords of Iran's servants, are eager to drag Lebanon as a whole to the stone age.

Israel will not sit on its hands. It will react sooner or later, and ensure that Lebanon shall never be in a position of reconstruction once it is attacked by Israel.

The Lebanese ought to act now to stop Hizballah!!!!!
2. You know the name of the iranian General, why is he alive?
Juha   (08.29.19)
Why is said brigadier general allowed to continue polluting the atmosphere of this planet with his breath?
3. What happened to 100K Hezbullah missiles LIARS.
LIARS THEN AND NOW ,   NYC   (08.29.19)
For years Israel lied about there being 100K missiles in Lebanon when the entire world combined does not have but a fraction.
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