Opinion  Ron Ben-Yishai
Netanyahu revelations could be the smoking gun proving Iran's ongoing nuclear weapons program
Ron Ben-Yishai
Published: 10.09.19, 10:05
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1. Martian Murray the Kay,no proof persuades an extraterrestria
Steve Benassi ,   Minneapolis USA   (09.10.19)
2. !! "allegedly corrupt behaviour"
Setmose ,   Jerusalem   (09.10.19)
It's an opinion piece. Not Pravda. Ok?
3. decoy
eddie ,   cape town   (09.10.19)
Saddam Hussein pretended, and behaved in a manner, to indicate that he was developing atomic weapons by acting as though he had something to hide .

Is Bibi falling into the same trap, only to find out that his accusations are based on a massive Iranian decoy to give the impression of atomic research - including planting traces of radioactivity?????

If this is the case then Iran is one step ahead to hurt Bibi
4. 90% of israel's nuclear "revelations" on Iran = FAKE "newz"
TheWall   (09.10.19)
5. Patently obvious that this is another election stunt
Shachar ,   Eilat   (09.10.19)
Abadeh was uncovered 2 years ago and dismantled a year ago. The world's intelligence community has known about it for over a year. If there had been a smoking gun it would have been on the table over a year ago. The site was never operational so Iran got away with it this time. Bibi's only interest here was to get some positive coverage before the election....you may have noticed he gave the press conference in Hebrew not English...his target audience was Kiryat Gat not Washington.....
6. they have a trillion % right to have Nukes and they will
KMS ,   Jerusalem   (09.10.19)
7. nasrollah, holywood army, netanyahu and gantz
harold   (09.10.19)
nasrollah is not totally wrong in calling the idf a Hollywood army, moving its people away from the border and gloating over a false injury caper without smashing a precision missile factory. The ID army, a good one when it throws off the rust and is allowed to counterattack has been constrained over the last years by bibi and gantz and olmert and peretz before.

the hesitation, lack of will to wipe out elements of the adversary does play into the Hollywood characterization.

Israel should have hardened shelters for northern residents by now. It should also have 100,000 land rockets to along with its other weapons to equalize terror coming from its enemy and to buy time before its troops can get going. the idf has been stalling on this terribly.

Both bibi and gantz have been extremely reluctant to fight.Whatever the reasons, bibi should be nowhere near any security portlfoio. gantz likewise. Israelis may yet elect him pm even with shapira report criticizing him heavily.

what can one say?? you have a death wish. gantz would be no better than bibi. you saw him in the gaza war. You want that again. And he also wants to withdraw from parts of west bank?? As if that would satisfy enemy appetites.

Use your brains and vote heavily for bennett and shaked. otherwise hamastan will be on the west bank in no time and the state will collapse eventually.

You only get so many warnings.
8. weakness
merill   (09.10.19)
why do any number of people around netanyahu say he is a weak man? This man of words, runs around to meetings brandishing words and a lot of empty threats. He sets up this meeting, that meeting, gets played by putin for a sucker on iran.

Though the media definitely is in my opinion desperate to rid of netanyahu and has family, inflaming the atmosphere, the bottom line has been that time after time, netanyahu has not delivered a serious operation to harm the enemy.

Israel does not need netanyahu. they also don't need gantz and lapid either. Find me one decisive battle that gantz has presided over and won?

It needs a leader who is unafraid of taking on its enemies.

vote for anyone but gantz and bibi.

vote for lieberman, for bennett and shaked, vote anyone else but bibi and gantz.
9. Nuclear weapons
Sjoerd van der Velde ,   Hoorn Holland   (09.10.19)
We have to be reckoned with, in this case, at my opinion: 1. Iran is trying to make nuclear weapons,despite of the 2015 treaty.2. Pakistan has a nuclear weapons arsenal already.3. Turkey,as said by recep tayyip erdogan wants to have nuclear weapons fast. 4. Any country may want to have them .Many in the Middle East very near Israel and Europe. Nuclear weapons/weapons of mass destruction are the most dangerous weapons. Any country including the 5 of the UN Security Council, of which I wrote before, must not allow/must forbidden to have them. No exceptions, privileges and rights. Any free and decent country and anybody must be equal to another country and to any other people, no matter if it is a big or small country. No slavery, dictatorship and crime anymore, with the UN and other organizations, or without them. Otherwise the world/planet remains/will remain a jealous, unequal and dangerous place, unfortunately the possibility of the beginning of World War 3, which can lead/leads to the end of humankind and the planet. Dead or alive. We can choose what we want and for what is wise. for existence and survival in security and peace, for more than 7 billion people..
10. Some say exploding nukes are a massive hoax
Xavier Corday   (09.10.19)
11. too bad after so many lies, Netanyahu has ZERO credibility
Rafi ,   US   (09.10.19)
on the international scene. Even when there is a REAL issue, no one believes him.

"Little boy who cried wolf" is all too apt a description.

He's been turning off Israel supporters for decades with his cheap PR stunts ... how about his classic "cannonball" cartoon before the UN Gen'l Assembly. Really?

Problem is that Israel as whole suffers the consequences of Bibi's long history of congenital deceit & exaggeration.
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