Opinion  Nahum Barnea
The politics of power, corruption and insatiable greed
Nahum Barnea
Published: 10.09.19, 15:42
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1. Imbecile Barnea, tell us about the corrupt media such as you
Steve Benassi ,   Minneapolis USA   (09.10.19)
Media with an agenda to take down a democratically elected leader who doesn't fit crazy Leftist ideology
2. Barnea displays personal animus, not journalistic skill.
Jake   (09.10.19)
3. Mr Netanyahu ..really ...get out..get away from her
Al   (09.10.19)
She has brought you down.

She is completely efed up.

Pity..you are and were Israelsgreatest PM.
4. She should be pitied not attacked, Ezrat Neshim would help
miki ,   jerusalem   (09.10.19)
5. #1 Netanyahu is a lame duck caretaker not a democratically..
elected leader.
6. Lame duck is your spin, by law he has full authority to lead
Steve Benassi ,   Minneapolis USA   (09.10.19)
7. sarah Netanyahu is severly narcissitic, while it is
Shachar ,   Eilat   (09.11.19)
a condition you are born with it is not to be pitied. Bibi has been accomodating a narcisist so long he no longer sees reality. This is an extremely bad situation, similiar to the Imelda Marcos saga. Proper governance needs sane, well balanced individuals making well thought out decisions. We need to get rid of this couple quickly, they have done enough damage.
8. Nothing to see here . . .move along.
Arieh ben Israel   (09.11.19)
Since time immemorial politicians have been corrupt, greedy, power hungry and willing to advance their interests at the expense of the people. Sad but true and Israel's no different. When we have so much potential, I just want to turn my face ot the wall and weep. After 2000 years in exile, we finally came home and now the politicians are ripping our society apart when we need unity more than ever.
9. sarah n. obviously does not have the power attributed to her
C   (09.11.19)
the genocidal shia terror regime is still alive and kicking.
hamas has the audacity to try to assassinate her husband.

nobody is perfect, but to go from imperfection to criminality
is a big stretch.
even if everything averred in this article were true, so what.
did she get a bracelet, or good coverage, etc...?
she has done nothing illegal, or even highly immoral.
she is demanding and a bit louche.
however, if she makes the prime minister happy and as such
a better prime minister, than she is worth the price.
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