Israel's election - will Netanyahu survive?
Associated Press
Published: 10.09.19, 23:38
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1. palestinians
Boaz   (09.11.19)
We are all Palestinians arab and jews. We accepted the UN partition and renamed our share Israel. arabs rejected their share of the partition, declared war, attacked and lost. Now F Off
2. Hilarious for AP to understand Israeli politics
Steve Benassi ,   Minneapolis USA   (09.10.19)
3. To Helene Kaminsky (FB): Last laugh, best laugh.
Jake   (09.11.19)
4. Lame Duck lozer runs off stage as Hamas bombs drop!
5. Is there a nationalist running ?
DSM ,   USA   (09.11.19)
Someone who will put the needs of Israel first and not bow to the UN, the USA or countries who hate Jews and Israel? If the answer is yes, does that person stand a chance of winning ?
6. Correct English
Yehoshua ,   Safed   (09.11.19)
"Neck-and-neck" not "neck-in-neck".
7. Bibi Should survive the election
lal ram ,   Wolverhampton, UK   (09.13.19)
Bibi should survive the election, there is no one who has the experience he has, and nobody comes near his stature as Israel's political leader. The people would be extremely silly if they don't re-elect him. He is not perfect, but he is the best at present to steer Israel through these stormy turmoil times. Nobody else has the knowledge he has about Israel's enemies and how to deal with.
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