Facebook sanctions Netanyahu page over breach of election law
Ynet, Associated Press
Published: 17.09.19, 18:13
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1. In a democracy it's not racist
daniel   (09.17.19)
to point out that the opposition votes.
2. Go VOTE! Send him & his family to home!
3. Goodness what a whiner!
4. high voter number shows people care
yael ,   kfar saba   (09.17.19)
you should behappy, not "warn"
5. BoHooo!
doda ,   G''m   (09.17.19)
6. And who gets to sanction Facebook for political manipulatio?
David ,   New york   (09.18.19)
7. Good!
Netanyahu needs to learn his ways are unacceptable ! All respect to Facebook.
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