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'Only Bibi' no more: Why does Netanyahu want to power-share?
Published: 19.09.19, 18:19
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1. Bibi is power addict - doesn't know how to live regular life
barbara ,   Haifa   (09.19.19)
without all the power advantages. Guess it's our fault, letting him be PM
for so long. But truth is, it won't be easy - "time's are changing"
2. Netanyahu lost! HE MUST GET UP FROM CHAIR & go home!
3. Not giving up so easily
Wise old owl ,   Jerusalem   (09.19.19)
Silly you really think that Bibi will just.hand away power to Gantz do easily. Step back and see where this gambit is heading.. Bibi already has the religious and right wing bloc in his pocket. Gantz and Bibi and the other parties.. left.. right etc all don't trust liberman.
So Bibi makes a show to Gantz for s unity government which leaves labor out in the cold...but if labor wants to continue to exist they will join s coalition with Bibi and the religious parties as historically they did and Bibi gets a 61 0r. 62 majority..and is pm again.. master politician
4. The right needs 6 more seats the left needs 17
Zionist forever   (09.19.19)
The reality is that the right wing block is way ahead of the left
Apart from Blue & White the only leftist parties who would join a coalition are Labor and Democratic Union, Joint List cannot be included in the centre left block because they neither want to be full coalition members and Liberman will not sit in any coalition that includes them.

Based on the current figures if Netanyahu can get a party with just 6 seats to join him he can reach the magic 61 but without Likud or done of the other right wing parties then there is no way Gantz can form a coalition without BOTH the Arabs and Liberman and that’s not going to happen.

Netanyahu is not going to say to Gantz I give up because the right wing block is only 6 seats short whilst the left without the Arabs is 17 seats short and even if Liberman joined Gantz he would still be 9 seats short.

If there is going to be a coalition which includes both Likud and Blue & White then the logical solution is for Netanyahu to bevPM first because he leads the largest bloc but more important he has experience.
Gantz has no experience and it’s not good for the country to have acPM who has no political experience so it’s good for the country if Gantz takes some time to learn the ropes.
5. Byebye Bibi.
Huxley's ,   Y 2 'D Z   (09.19.19)
6. Gantz considers Joint List to be liberal
C   (09.19.19)
gantz cannot form a government without the pro-palestinian joint list.

gantz is under the influence of islamist obama.

lieberman only cares about ham sandwich and haredi enlistment.

it is totally devastating that people like gantz and lieberman are
willing to dismantle the sole jewish zionist state of israel.

the hatred of netanyahu by the press and by the left is amazingly
receiving some gifts from friends is now considered more
outrageous than destroying the zionist state.
the haredim, who have their own problems, are considered more
dangerous, more hateful than the pro-palestinian joint list.
may the most hole one forgive them, though they do not
deserve forgiveness.
7. answer 2 headline: Netanyahu wants to avoid going 2 jail!
8. Bibi by all means! Anyone willing to put Benny& the Jets
behind the wheel, is either very dumb or...a Leftist. (I know, it's the same thing)
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