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Corruption warriors: Investigative journalists on the rise in Arab world
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Published: 21.09.19, 18:54
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1. Corruption,abuse of power and the Arab world and so on.
Sjoerd van der Velde ,   Hoorn Holland   (09.21.19)
This article, in Ynetnews, is the umptieth proof that the "islam" ideology,which must be ended right away, is misery and a disaster for our humankind, more than 7 billion people,on our planet Earth, together with dictatorship and organised crime.on how to govern a country in a decent, democratic and human way,those 'islam" and crime and dictatorship countries can take a good example of Israel,very near for them. Or to the rest of the free (and democratic) world. Any country has/will have it"s own form of democracy and government. Also the United Nations must be cleaned up, or otherwise must be ended,no right, reason for existence or a good/better alternative must come..
2. "islam", the Arab world and beyond
Sjoerd van der Velde ,   Hoorn Holland   (09.21.19)
First all countries of the Arab world are still dictatorship countries, unfortunately, about 400 million."islam" Arab dictatorship countries. There are also non Arab "islam" dictatorship countries, together about 2 billion. There are even non "islam", non Arab dictatorship and crime countries What do they want, "islam" and dictatorship, misery, civil wars,wars and disaster for good or do they choose now for an end of "islam" and for wealthy, prosperous and peaceful countries, with the rest of our humankind? The same goes for all non "islam" and non Arab countries. Do I stil need to give examples, sources,proofs and evidence about this? We have a responsibility with eachother, not only in one"s own country,but also abroad,in any other country on Earth, to live in peace and security. There is no other choice. We all are in/on the same boat/planet.
3. Iguess Israel’s corruption stemfrom beingpart of that world?
Ken   (09.21.19)
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