Opinion  Attila Somfalvi
For Israeli Jews, anti-Semitism is someone else's problem
Attila Somfalvi
Published: 13.10.19, 23:08
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1. Dont worry.In Germany a convoy of Bundesministers arrive
Alan ,   SA   (10.14.19)
for example after every terror attack to reassure us that Germans all want Jewish life to flourish in Germany.. Also, Sudan is asking for exiled Jews to return to Sudan. Even President Al Sisi says Egypt will reconstruct all facilities for Jewish life in Egypt if Jews return. So in reality, things are looking more optimistic for us Jews..
2. Here I am American and former Israeli, not a "Jew." Hivanta?
Michael ,   California, USA   (10.14.19)
3. Why should Israel ?
Jake ,   Dallas   (10.14.19)
The US Jewish community is wealthy and well educated. They can take care of themselves and if they cannot, it’s their own fault. If American Jews want to encourage immigration to America of Muslims (and the liberals do) it’s a bit hard to feel sorry for them.
4. Israel's responsibilities
tiki ,   belgium   (10.14.19)
Diaspora Jews are people who read the news and know that there is a Jewish state called Israel.

It's their choice to go there or stay in the diaspora and live with the Jew haters.

It's not Israel's job to take them by the hand and bring them over.
5. immigration from diaspora
jean katz ,   herzliah   (10.14.19)
luckily the overwhelming part of the israelis think the jews should be welcomed to Israel.
Can you imagine the jews would be accepted with resentment ?
I personnally as a new immigrant from belgium 12 years ago got welcomed with open arms as well as my whole family
6. Antisemitism affects Israel
Igor ,   Germany   (10.14.19)
To believe that antisemitism affects only Jews living in exile is short-sighted, at best. Israel is probably the most hated country in the world, and the reason for that is antisemitism. This wouldn't change even if all Jews moved to Israel. All the anti-Israeli actions---propaganda, BDS, UN-resolutions---would continue, only with less counter-reactions.
7. hate crimes are committed nearly daily in W Bank
kms ,   Jerusalem   (10.14.19)
TOM ,   NEW YORK   (10.14.19)
9. Re: AntiSemitism
Adam Bennett ,   Los Angeles   (10.14.19)
30 years ago when I was a student at UCLA I found that anti-Semetism towards Israelis in the USA is not a US Jewish problem. Now it's on the shoes of diaspora Jews and its Israels' problem. Where have they been all these years?
10. "news" : is it ...true ...or doctored ...OR NOT TRUE !
Moshe Israel ,   Tivon   (10.14.19)
Israelis are faced by Arab military threats , and frequent Arab terrorists.
Israel is close to being overwhelmed.

Public remarks, even "facts" filter through media distortion ; it has become impossible to know when the "news" is true; or doctored by propaganda ; OR is NOT true!
11. The Jewish diaspora...
Hillary ,   loves her some Huma   (10.14.19)
will necessarily lead to one or two outcomes: spiritual death and/or physical annihilation of the dispersed Jewish people. This is both historical prologue and the statistical mean outcome for Jewish folk across the time series data known as human history.

Ynet's idea that the Israeli government and Aliya can save the day is suspect. Should all the Jews be in one place? Certainly one low yield nuclear bomb would take out Israel's mercaz and whatever is left probably won't be inhabitable.

History suggests that societally speaking, none of us make it. There are very disturbing tendencies in play in the West suggesting a loss of consensus on a number of issues from government surveillance to human rights to what bathroom to use...and this loss of societal consensus, on the scale it is occurring, is a harbinger of a broader civilizational collapse.

In such an event we can be sure that the East isn't going to sit idly by while Europe and US implode and with China, Russia, North Korea and soon to be Iran, having nuclear weapons...the moon is looking better all the time.

12. Anti-Semitism is a way of life for others, not for Israelis.
David Turner   (10.14.19)
A bad omen when "Zionists" in Israel have lost sight of the fact that Israel was created specifically in response to Western antisemitism. Has Israel really forgotten its roots and responsibilities? The Holocaust in German is 'Endlösung der Judenfrage,' the Final Solution to the (West's) Jewish Problem. For two-thousand years "solution" translates as "disappearance."

In the end Israel, the largest ghetto in the Diaspora, will not be exempt!
13. right I am sorry for those antisemites
jochair thijssen ,   kfar saba israel   (10.14.19)
antisemitism is a paranoid obsession therefore insanity.
the kind of insanity that makes you take only wrong decisions, destroying your life.
14. American?
Oz ,   Kfar Tavor   (10.14.19)
So that's why the kids are wearing hats with Canada written on them
15. Yes, it's NOT our problem. very straightforward conclusion.
16. A Bit Harsh
Larry ,   Neot Mordechai   (10.14.19)
There are Israelis who do care. I just spent a year in the US for personal reasons, and when I returned, I found people very welcoming all in all. I don't find the attitude (though I am more of a returning Israeli than an oleh chad ash) to be self-congratulating or uncaring.

And let's face it - violent anti-Semitism and discrimination, including in my country of origin (USA) has been a problem for a long time. Jews there tend not to react to it, but to swallow it and move on for fear of endangering their positions or 'provoking' Jew-hatred. And there is plenty of it, so the position of Israelis you criticize has a strong basis.
17. In Paris right now
Boaz   (10.14.19)
For the Sukkot festival. Entire Jewish neighbourhoods disappeared.
Le Marais/ Rosiers , every kosher shop I knew became avant garde boutique. The other side of town, Bergere, Richer and Fg Montmartre , all jewish eateries and shops
gone. Entrances of buildings along Rue du Temple still carry the marks of where once stood a Mezzuzah, but are now run by Asians, Africans and Arabs.
18. private citizen
Steve Gure   (10.14.19)
I dont blame the Israelis at all. The Jews have been given a lot of opportunities to come to Israel. They have refused. It is almost too late.
19. The World Jewry
Brad Cantwell ,   Lilyvale, QLD   (10.14.19)
According to the latest figures published by the Jewish Agency, the world's Jewish population amounts to 14.7 million.

Of that number, 6.6 million Jews live in Israel, 3.2 million live in New York and 2.5 million live in the rest of the United States. That means that 84% of the world's Jews are living within a reliable level of security.

Of the remaining 2.4 million, the true Diaspora Jews, 1.25 million still live in Europe and Russia, and the rest is scattered among 98 countries with at least 100 Jews living in them.

According to the JA, currently only a total of 27,000 Jews live in Arab countries. These are probably the Jews who enjoy the highest level of security on Earth. Although it is incredible to hear it, the Jews of Turkey, Iran, Morocco, Tunisia, Yemen, Syria and Egypt live even safer than the Jews of Israel, and a thousand times safer than European Jews. The reasons why things are going so well in these countries would deserve a separate comment.
20. Israel is not a universal solution
MaxR ,   Beit shemesh   (10.15.19)
Israel, in its current state (low salaries, high taxes, rampant job discrimination, etc. + religious/secular tension, an often rude and insensitive culture, legal mechanisms like hotzaa le poal and the ability to get a tzav ikuv yitzia against someone else quite easily + monopolies, protektzia, etc.) is not a solution for all native Israelis, much less all Jews. If we want to make a legitimate argument that all or most Jews should emigrate here (or in the case of many educated Israelis, stay), we need to first think about how we can improve the quality of life for citizens here. For some, Israel is a wonderful solution, especially for those facing 5 kids with yeshiva tuition and two stable incomes or those with grandchildren here and a good retirement package or for singles who have low expenses and are looking to gain experience in important fields. For others, not so much...especially those who are looking towards Israel as a safety net for prior problems.
21. ZERO EVIDENCE that anything happened in Halle, Germany.
NYC   (10.14.19)
22. And when Golda went to the US to ask US Jews for
solomon ,   New York   (10.15.19)

funds to fight the upcoming war against the arabs, did American Jews say "don't come whining to us"? And when hospitals needed to be built, as well as housing, etc, did American Jews say "don't come whining to us"? And now, when there is a need for political pressure on the American government to support Israel, do American Jews say "don't come whining to us"?
23. Disagree with Atilla completely
Shachar ,   Eilat   (10.15.19)
Most Israeli's are well aware and horrified by the global surge in anti-semitism. On the net Israelis are especially active at taking on anti-semites and anti-Israel activists. If there is something that can be done there will be Israelis doing it. The worrying inaction is that of the countries afflicted by anti-semitism. It is wholly their job to tackle anti-semitism in their countries....Israelis can do little to inflence that.
24. Head in sand
Matt head in sand ,   Santa Barbara, Ca   (10.15.19)
Way way more Jews are vacating the identity than moving to the bloody Zionist nation & having to prove their Jewishness with a blood test, for Pete's sake.
25. Antisemitism is our problem
Joe Wyse ,   hadera   (10.16.19)
Of course antisemitism is our problem...denying this is like saying american or european racialism would not be so pernicious if all people of non european origin left the US or Europe and went to live in the country of their ancestor's origin. Having said that, Israel exists and flourishes so regardless of what happens in Europe, and regardless of Jeremy Corbyn's vile plans for the Jews, Jews are not stateless nor are they powerless. All Jews should come to Israel, not just as retirees or tourists but as active workers and participants in the redemption of the Zionist patrimony, in whatever capacity they are able.
26. Anti Semitism and the Israeli
Eli Edri   (10.16.19)
This is correct . The original idea behind Hertzls idea of a Jewish state was the eradication of one on one anti Semitism which he predicted would lead to holocaust . When my grandparents emigrated to ISRAEL from Morocco it was under the express thought of when someone calls me a dirty Jew in the diaspora I suffer when that happens in ISRAEL I take a bath .. that’s the difference and of course it’s huge .
27. Its a shame that this article was even published
The fact that we werent surprised doesnt mean that we didnt care.
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