Netanyahu's campaign against the rule of law
Dr. Baruch Leshem
Published: 05.11.19, 13:40
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1. Rule of law is made a mockery when bogus charges are filed
Steve Benassi ,   Minneapolis USA   (11.05.19)
2. Never will this affair be settled to the satisfaction of all
3. Judicial corruption and bias leads to breakdown of law
Barak lied when the courts were given more power in the 90s and are now way outside their jurisdiction.
Time for the rule of law to be given back to the people not handed to elite living in a bubble.

Anyone claiming rabbis don't see the modern world and the people, same can be said of the judicial class.
4. We have a very "flawed" judicial system, with leftist slant
and that's an understatement.
It is a well known fact, vehemently denied by the people in the ivory tower,
that's understandable.
Times they are a'changing though and courts will in the end uphold the will of "the People", not some pet ideology.
5. The PM smells of cigars & pink champagne!
...and the right wing religious judicial system is complicit!
This is case is no different than the case of the Australian pedophile who is shielded by the right wing religious judicial system.
We are already a Theocracy!
6. There never was a legitimate case against Bibi
Chaim ,   Israel   (11.07.19)
Bibi's "crimes" involve no victims and no money. They are not crimes. There never was a legitimate case against Bibi. It is all politically motivated B.S. by Israel's leftist deep state.
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