Fight with Islamic Jihad was breeze compared to future war with Iran
Amnon Abramowitz
Published: 16.11.19, 22:34
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1. Another war mongering "analyzizz" by one of Bibi's puppets
TheWall   (11.17.19)
2. If Iran+Hez felt confident that they could defeat Israel,
Alan ,   SA   (11.17.19)
they would most certainly have joined in -so would Hamas...All 3 sat it out! So none of the aforementioned did. join in. That in itself is a vote of confidence in the abilities of Israel (who did not even have lone person TG killed)All this proves the reasons, action, and timing of the conduct of the Al Ata war was right and proper and correct!.
3. land and security
zekra   (11.17.19)
when was disengagment a woman said it was not about the place it was about the strength but a little girl said it is about security
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