Israeli military strikes Hamas targets in Gaza in response to Be'er Sheva rocket fire
Ynet, Reuters
Published: 16.11.19, 10:01
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1. Go ahead ,bomb empty fields. IDF is a joke
ab   (11.16.19)
2. Need proof that we're a joke? The very fact that Arabs dare
to lob missiles at our CITIES, without shitting their pants.
Govt. in Jerusalem doesn't give a flying f..
3. To hell with politics: VOTE BIBI out of office, NOW!
4. Enough
yossi ,   canada   (11.16.19)
Enough is enough how long the Israelis living near Gaza have to accept this kind of BS.. One day IDF will have to enter and clean up Gaza. this policy of quiet for quiet cannot be sustained it is unfair to leave this population at the mercy of terrorism and anyway IDF will have to enter Gaza one day. Israel has to start preparing the international community that this cannot continue and that a clean up is necessary. Israel has lost its deterrence because the terrorists know that the Israel government doe not want to enter Gaza. Entering Gaza will bear a high cost but there is no other option then to destroy the terrorist infrastructure and to make sure it cannot be rebuilt.
5. ab.....General officer rank ?
Ronnie   (11.16.19)
Numb nuts, your rank as a General and combat commander intrigue me. Please tell us all about your lengthy combat experience commanding troops in the field. Successes and Grand Victories.
Don’t hold back in describing your tactics and overall strategy while conducting a major ground invasion in a high density urban environment. Then of course explain how you would deal with the Fake Media. Who are prepped and waiting for photos of fat Arabs Squealing like stick pigs and beating their chests.
Give it a go, numb nuts, give it a go.
6. No deterrence
desertstraw   (11.16.19)
Palestinians fire rockets for the purpose of killing civilians. The IDF destroys empty buildings. Why should the Palestinians ever stop?
7. Rest my case
Ronnie   (11.17.19)
The prosecution rest it’s case. The accused is a “male jelly” Socialist who cannot answer with facts just snide one liners. Recommend a 5 year sentence watching YouTube. Not educational but will allow the accused too meet up with like minded jellies and make friends.
8. The idf is weak..its maddening and sad all at the same time
Al   (11.17.19)
No leadership..nothing.. israel has become fat lazy selfish and in time dead.

I'm saying this as a father of two kids who live and serve in israel.

I'm deeply concerned as to their future.

Israel may have become rich bit it is very poor in its core values of being a a proud Jewish state.

Your post Zionism will kill you.

You are too busy wanting to be loved and PC that you will end up being dead.
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