Lebanese protesters lash out at Hezbollah over economic woes
Associated Press
Published: 18.11.19, 08:41
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1. And so
Ronnie   (11.18.19)
And so the world turns. When those that once protected you become the jailers you can feel the earth turn. America is on the spin cycle.
If you are a Jew and are not religious think Babylon, think of the destruction of Jerusalem.
Forget about about US - European Jews, they still prefer the comforts of the 1930’s until there is no comfort at all.
What about Tel Aviv ? God owes Jews nothing, Jews owe God everything. Six day war anyone, and on the seventh day you shall rest.
2. they have lost support
C   (11.18.19)
the obama regime is gone.
trump and his people hate them.
john brennan has been replaced by a patriotic person.
iran still supports them, but it no longer can count on billions
of foreign dollars with which it could finance them.
all that said, hezbollah is corrupt and weaker. even their
supporters are fed up.
3. Look at those guys with photographs on their head.
Anyone else wants to complain that Islam forbids depiction of humans (especially for the purpose of admiration)?
4. Hezbollah supporters....outside their head photos.......
Claudio   (11.18.19)
5. Lebanon is a failed state. Nasrallah is the failure.
David ,   Hartford USA   (11.18.19)
The Lebanese army should have evicted every Hezbollah soldier decades ago, but they were weaklings. Maybe the younger Lebanese will finally do what the army refused to: force Hezbollah out.

Just go march on Nasrallah's hideout and throw him into the ocean. It's really that simple.
6. Your comment makes no sense!
Eric ,   Montreal   (11.23.19)
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