Ultra-Orthodox signal willingness to compromise with Liberman
Kobi Nachshoni
Published: 18.11.19, 13:59
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1. Just to punish both Liberman&the Black-Bearded ones, B&W and
Likud should enter a beautiful partnership and leave these losers outside in the cold (or hamsin) depending on time of the year....
2. They will agree and then
Naor ,   Haifa   (11.18.19)
Go back on their word- they will never agree on conscription to IDF or shabbat transport.They have lied before- they will do it again.
3. UltraOrthodox got used to money.Don't want to lose good life
Sam ,   Montreal   (11.18.19)
For money religious principles go out the door.
4. Here's a compromise for Haredim
Cut yourself loose from Likud and see clearly how you fare,
5. Welfare degrades
Jake ,   Dallas   (11.19.19)
And the Haredi are degraded. They need to work.
6. Dismantle politically this MESS (ianics fanatics) originally
hebrew and now more similar to the Islamic fanatics from the Middle East .LIBERMAN IS VERY RIGHT .DISMANTLE QUICK THIS MESSianics fanatics from the MODERN HEBREW DEMOCRACY THEY ARE NOT DEMOCRATIC AT ALL
7. 2+2=4 since ever Messianists +ULTRA = FANATICS forever->
ONE AND ONLY SOLUTION --->> DISMANTLE ALL THIS FANATIC PART IN MEDINAT ISRAEL PROBABLY IS THE ONLY SOLUTION SUPPORT THE MODERATE RELIGIOUS HEBREW SIDE .AND LIMIT ALL FINANCIAL SUPPORT TO THE MESSIANIST ULTRA (FANATICS Forever) part from the Hebrew side .IT is a very complex issue indeed ,but this may be the only solution .In the future this lunatic ? fanatic Hebrew side in Medinat ISRAEL could be a very big problem Of the same level as the Arab -Hebrew conflict
8. We need to show the haredi masses their way back to God,
since they've got lost, sometime around the time of Israel's creation.
Their "way of life" (as they claim) has never been witnessed in history.
There was no time anyone exempted them from working & paying taxes!
Nowhere in the Bible does it say they're exempted from defending / fighting for the Land of Israel.
The trick of not recognizing our present state as valid Israel, should be thrown back at them, by removing citizenship from those claiming such preposterous idea.
Yes, it could be done you know.
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