Opinion  Ron Ben-Yishai
Syrian rocket fire unmasks new tensions with Iran
Ron Ben-Yishai
Published: 19.11.19, 10:22
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1. nothing to worry about
ray   (11.19.19)
with bibi, ben yishai had to worry as bibi is a coward in my opinion. bennett is not. he will be more than ready to take on whatever israel faces and crush the hell out of it.
2. Recent reports of Russian forces taking over the abandoned
David Turner   (11.19.19)
US base at Qamishli in N Syria was greeted by concern. In fact it might be better seen as Russia replacing America as a stabilizing force in the region. It should be clear that it has always been Putin and not Trump who has control over Syrian airspace, that if Israel is free to fight Iran in Syria it is with, if not approval, then non-obstruction of Israel's defensive actions. Russian press today note four explosions around Damascus following the four inteceptions airmed at the Golan! Ditto the supposed "Israel attacks" in Iraq! America has been in retreat from the ME since Bush's stupid invasion of Iraq in '03. Obama all but invited Putin to replace the US in the region with his "red line"! NEW REALITY IN THE REGION: RUSSIA IS NOW HEGEMON AND ONLY POWER BETWEEN IRAN AND LEVANT.
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