Opinion  Ben-Dror Yemini
High Court petition to oust Netanyahu is not the way
Ben-Dror Yemini
Published: 24.11.19, 23:49
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1. High Court petition is legal so why not
Avi L.   (11.25.19)
High Court petition is legal so why not

King Bibi is not the owner of anything he was administering Likud as a vad habait
2. Watch Fox News defense of President Netanyahu this morning
Rivkah   (11.25.19)
of Professor Eugene Kontorovich, Professor of law at George Mason University and Director of International Law in Jerusalem Kohalet Forum. Mark Levin recommended it.
3. Caretaker PM needs to resign!
4. Netanyahu is not duly elected & has failed 2 form gov. twice
Netanyahu needs to resign.
5. courts are not kingmakers
C   (11.25.19)
ben-dor yemini, very good analysis.
elections must be decided by voters.
6. Legal Woes
B.Morris ,   TA   (11.25.19)
The issues that face Netanayu are complex , how will visiting dignitaries view a man facing court , how can he travel and expect the same level of respect from his hosts - how will Israelis view a man now facing court trials ???

Where is Netanayu's sense of propriety in this matter , where are the logical sense of duty that other Likud politicans have , can they not see the damage this is doing to the state of Israel ???

There has to be a mechanism which allows the removal of Netanayu so that normality can be restored?

We are facing threats from Iran , Gaza and Syria , we are watching so many things and we have a leader who on top of everything claims he can deal with all of this plus his legal woes .

Come on Israel this is not acceptable , we are not a banana state

7. Bibi is not an elected Prime Minister
Shachar ,   Eilat   (11.25.19)
There is absolutely no reason to accept a corrupt care-taker PM. He should be tossed out immediately and the deputy PM take over. There is no legal basis for a care-taker PM remaining in office after being indicted and there is a strong precedent for his immediate removal. If the AG doesn't tell him to stand down then the High Court must!
8. The High Court must read the law
Avi L.   (11.26.19)
The High Court must read the law, it is not a reality show where audience votes

"matter ripe for decision" meaning what in legal terms?
9. Forget it
Leo_Aryeh__ ,   Modi'in   (11.27.19)
The High Court won't move him out.
If anything, as Yemini points out, this will only strenghten Bibi's point that he can remain.
The good thing that can happen now is that the israeli citizens move him out, democratically and peacefully. Of course an even better (and honorable) option would be that Bibi would step out himself. But he won't do that.
Absolute power corrupts. Power corrupts absolutely.
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