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Assad - Is he feeling the heat?
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Tel Aviv bombing – Orders came from Damascus
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Israel turns heat on Syria

Security officials to present information tying Damascus to terror in bid to generate international pressure on Syria in wake of Tel Aviv bombing; IDF intelligence chief to brief foreign ambassadors

TEL AVIV - Israeli security officials carrying intelligence information proving Syria’s complicity in terror will be departing to the United States, France, and England Monday, in a bid to generate international pressure on Damascus.


The “public relations” campaign is being initiated at a time when Syria is already facing intense international pressure, and comes in the wake of Friday’s terror attack in Tel Aviv.


The security establishment has reportedly been able to acquire evidence that ties Syria directly to preparations ahead of the terror strike and points to Syrian cooperation with the Islamic Jihad in carrying out the attack.


The government chose to refrain from a military response, but Defense Minister Shaul Mofaz decided to present the findings to foreign officials in a bid to intensify the pressure exerted on Syria over its presence in Lebanon and terror ties.


Senior security official Amos Gilad has already presented evidence of the Syrian terror connection in phone conversations with Egyptian officials.


Meanwhile, Israeli intelligence officers are set to present the incriminating evidence to Western officials expected to take part in a London conference this week.


The convention, which has been called to discuss assistance to the Palestinian Authority, will be attended by British Prime Minister Tony Blair, senior European officials, U.S. Secretary of State Condoleezza rice, and others.


The gathering of high-ranking representatives convinced officials here to go ahead and expose information tying Syria to Mid-Eastern terror groups.


Intelligence chief to brief ambassadors


The Foreign Ministry plans to hold a special meeting with European ambassadors Monday in the wake of the Tel Aviv bombing. The session is expected to feature a briefing by IDF Intelligence Chief Aharon Ze’evi Farkash.


Farkash is expected to offer details regarding the Tel Aviv bombing investigation and Syria’s involvement in terrorism.


Meanwhile, Foreign Minister Silvan Shalom is leading an effort aimed at convincing European officials to add the Hizbullah to the EU’s list of terror organizations.


In addition, Israel is pushing for a United Nations condemnation of the Tel Aviv attack.


Earlier, Prime Minister Ariel Sharon said that although Israel knows for certain the order for the Tel Aviv attack came from Islamic Jihad headquarters in Damascus, and not from inside the territories, the Palestinians are still to blame for the bombing.


"We are certain the attack was ordered by Islamic Jihad members in Syria," Sharon said. "This fact does not absolve the Palestinian Authority from its responsibility and obligation to act against the partners of the terrorist."


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