Protocols of the Elders of Zion, the Syrian edition

Syrian-style hatred

Damascus says it wants peace talks, but anti-Semitic and anti-Israel books still widely available

TEL AVIV - Despite recent Syrian calls for renewed peace negotiations with Israel, Damascus continues to foment anti-Semitic hatred against the Jewish state.


After airing hate-filled television shows, the Syrians continue to print anti-Semitic and anti-Israel books, such as the new edition of the infamous Protocols of the Elders of Zion.


The brand new 2005 edition combines familiar anti-Semitic myths with contemporary political messages that encourage Palestinian terror and predict the State of Israel is destined to disappear, Intelligence and Terrorism Information Center here says.


Moreover, the publisher chose to add an introduction and supplementary chapters, which promote anti-Semitic myths about Jewish domination of the international and American political scene.


The added sections also encourage Palestinian terrorism and include harsh incitement against the United States and Israel, which the writer says is "destined to disappear from this world."


'Jews are world champions in spreading corruption'


In another section, the author writes that he "heard about very barbaric acts perpetrated by the Jews to anyone they catch," He then proceeds to describe vivid torture descriptions.


"Their stomach was cut open, a kidney was removed…later the eyes were blinded using white-hot iron," the book says. "Some of the bodies were handed over to the families completely mutilated."


Elsewhere, the Syrian author says "the Jews are world champions in spreading corruption and moral decay."


The volume's publisher indicates the book was authorized by the Syrian government in May 2004.


Those who wish to acquire the book or other works like it do not need to travel to Damascus, as the publisher offers the material on its website. Indeed, many of the 119 books it published during 2000-2005 contain clearly anti-Semitic themes.


Nonetheless, the publisher proudly claims it "encourages respect to others and avoidance of expressions that encourage violence and hatred."


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