Photo: Ahiya Raved
Eldad: expect more provocation
Photo: Ahiya Raved

'Sharon inciting against himself'

Knesset Member Arieh Eldad slams prime minister, says pullout is a crime against humanity

TEL AVIV - Prime Minister Ariel Sharon himself is behind the so-called incitement against supporters of the disengagement plan, including such threats as “Sharon, Lili is waiting for you,” National Unity Knesset Member Arieh Eldad told Ynet Wednesday evening.


Lili is the prime minister's late wife.


According to Eldad, Sharon initiated the recent anti-disengagement provocations to further his own interests.


“Sharon needs the provocation,” he said. “ In my opinion this is just the beginning.”


“I believe much stronger moves will be needed to transform those Sharon once called ‘pioneers’ into enemies of the people," Eldad said.


"He doesn’t have much time and we are in the midst of the provocation season,” Eldad said.


Earlier, Eldad spoke at the Nahalal conference, which convened Wednesday evening to protest the pullout plan. Sharp words were voiced against Sharon and supporters of his Gaza withdrawal plan.


Participants in the conference, which was held in Kfar Bilu, expressed their support for a demand by Gush Katif settlers to hold a national referendum on the pullout plan.


The conference was held after it became apparent that several Kibbutz and Moshav residents throughout the country identify with the soon to be evacuated settlers.


We too have founded settlements and we understand the settlers' plight, they said.


'Situation will be created so soldiers can open fire'


Eldad was the first to speak at the conference. He said settlers should expect further provocation aimed to create a situation in which Israel Defense Forces troops will open fire at settlers during the evacuation process.


“Otherwise a soldier would not be able to shoot,” he said.


Eldad also said evacuating Jews from their homes is a crme.


“I would be very pleased if someone would sue me over the fact that I am asserting this procedure is a crime against humanity,” he said.


Eldad called for a mass protest against the disengagement plan.


“If one man comes along with a child’s stroller, he would be arrested. But if 10,000 come along no one would be able to stop us,” he said.


Eldad said he believes there would be a staged attempt of an explosion, or a booby-trapped car stuck somewhere.


"It wouldn’t be anything that would cause damage,” Eldad said. “But everything points in that direction,”


'Livni is betraying her father's legacy'


Also at the conference, Gush Katif resident Arieh Yitzhaki slammed Justice Minister Tzipi Livni for her role in forming a special judiciary team that will specifically handle incitement.


“She is betraying her father’s legacy when she orders police how to think,” he said, referring to Livni’s father’s membership in a pre-1948 Jewish underground group dedicated to fighting the British and Arabs.


He also said that reports that non-Jewish soldiers, such as the Druze, might come under fire by settlers during the disengagement was a provocation invented by police.


“Do you see how low our enemy has gone, he said. “No one has issued a Jewish law calling to fire at a non-Jewish soldier.”


Yitzhaki harshly criticized the right-wing leadership in its fight against disengagement.


'Palestinians perceive Gaza exit as weakness'


Itamar Marcus, who attended the conference and is director of a polling institute, said that Palestinians perceive Sharon's withdrawal plan as a sign of weakness from Israel.


Recent surveys show that 64 percent of the Palestinians believe the withdrawal plan is the result of armed resistance and that such an evacuation could not have been achieved by negotiations.


He added that 75 percent of Palestinians said they believed Sharon’s plan is a victory for the armed struggle against Israel


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