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Not anti-Semitic, just an Israel hater
London mayor’s remarks are cause to recall ambassador

Ken Livingstone, the socialist mayor of London, is not anti-Semitic. Some of his best friends are Jews, and he’s clearly uncomfortable about the Holocaust. “The Holocaust was the ultimate, industrialized expression of racist barbarity,” he writes in last Friday's Guardian newspaper.


And just look at the “contributions” of Jews to world society: “the contribution of Jewish people to human civilization and culture is unexcelled and extraordinary. You only have to think of giants such as Einstein, Freud and Marx.” Thanks, Ken, for being so enlightened.


So he’s got no problem with the Jews who stayed in Europe. He just hates the State of Israel, its government, and everything they do.
According to Livingstone, Israel has always pursued, terrorized, and ethnically cleansed the Palestinians, and the country was established against a background of horrible crimes that continue to this very day. “Ariel Sharon, Israel's prime minister, is a war criminal who should be in prison, not in office,” he writes. Sharon, his voters and supporters, are all his partners in crime.


Israelis not Nazis


Livingstone is careful not to brand Israel a Nazi state. It’s just that “the same universal human values that recognize the Holocaust as the greatest racist crime of the 20th century require condemnation of the policies of successive Israeli governments”.


Israelis, he writes, are not Nazis because “they do not aim at the systematic extermination of the Palestinian people, in the way Nazism sought the annihilation of the Jews”. So it’s not a Holocaust here, just a hideous atrocity. And yes, Israel, and no one else, is the root of terrorism.


For decades, explains Livingstone, Israel has demonized the Arabs. Currently, Israel stirs up hostility via that disgusting propaganda organization, the Middle East Media Research Institute, “run by a former colonel in Israeli military intelligence (Yigal Carmon), which poses as a source of objective information but in reality selectively translates material from Arabic and presents Muslims and Arabs in the worst possible light.”


Livingstone’s message is clear as day: Jews—oops, I mean Israelis—control the Internet, control Arabic-English translations, and control world opinion.


The actions of successive Israeli governments “are also fuelling anger and violence across the world” that pose a “threat to the security of all Londoners.” So it is only fitting that Livingstone, responsible for the security of his citizenry, should not remain silent.


So there you have it. Ariel Sharon, and Ehud Barak before him, have inspired racist attacks in the capital of Britain, and it is due to them that radical Muslims carry on in his city, promoting their agenda with fanatic zeal. Israel deserves whatever it gets.


London Spring


The Jews of London will simply wipe the spit off of Israel’s - and their own - collective face. There will be no mass demonstrations, no tax strike, and community leaders will not demand the immediate removal of Livingstone from office. They will simply go about their daily affairs - look at how beautiful the Thames looks today! What a lovely spring in Hyde Park! What a nice account at Citibank!


Why get all excited? So Livingstone, the elected mayor of London, called the elected Prime Minister of Israel a war criminal? So what? So he says that Israel incites worldwide terror. Big Deal.


The important thing is that Livingstone denounced the Holocaust, and swears he’s not anti-Semitic. He just hates Israel: Israel’s very existence is a reward for her criminal legacy.


Should Livingstone denounce Russian President Vladimir Putin as a war criminal, one can be sure the Kremlin would not make do with a “strong objection”. Moscow would recall its ambassador to London—as should Israel. A city that could elect such an individual as Livingstone - and open, unabashed Israel hater - is no place for a representative of ours.


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