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What will happen come Sunday?
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The Christians are also in danger - Nasrallah
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Police fear clashes
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'Attack on al-Aqsa will not go by quietly'

Hizbullah leader threatens to take action should right-wing activists enter Temple Mount and cause harm to Muslim holy sites

Harsh action will be taken against Jewish radicals who plan to attack the Temple Mount’s sacred Muslim sites, Hizbullah leader Hassan Nasrallah warned Friday at a gathering in Beirut.


Nasrallah called for Arab governments and Muslim citizens to act to “prevent radical Jewish actions” on Sunday.


“We are faced with a serious threat to al-Aqsa,” he said. “1.4 billion Muslims need to clarify to the Zionists that an attack on al-Aqsa will not go by

quietly without a response.”


In addition, he warned Christians that their holy sites in Jerusalem are also in danger.


“Everyone knows that the Zionists in Palestine do not recognize Jesus,” he said.


'Dozens of rockets ready'


Meanwhile, The Popular Resistance Committees threatened to bombard the Negev town of Sderot with Qassam rockets the moment “the first Zionist enters al-Aqsa.”


Group spokesman Abu Avir told Ynet his organization informed all activists to declare a state of highest alert.


“The moment al-Aqsa is harmed all groups will respond,” he said, “and we will begin with heavy rocket firing over Sderot, dozens of rockets are ready to be launched. Other organizations have said they would not sit by quietly should al-Aqsa be harmed or its holiness desecrated.”


Friday prayers end without violence


Prayers at the Temple Mount ended without incident Friday, amid heavy police presence in a bid to prevent violence at the holy site.


Tensions in the area mounted in recent weeks in light of plans to hold a mass right-wing rally at the Temple Mount this coming Sunday.


The police, meanwhile, announced they would not allow right-wing activists at the Mount for fear of provocations and riots.


On Wednesday, the police announced they would close the Mount to Jewish and Christian visitors on Sunday and boost security in the area.


Some Knesset members, including Uri Ariel (National Union,) have asked the police to reconsider the decision and allow Jews at the Mount after all.


“It’s unthinkable that Jewish freedom of worship would be curbed because of fears that Arab rioters may try to disturb the peace,” Ariel said. 


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