Rabin Medical Center
New treatment improves blood flow
Israeli doctors inject genes into cardiac patient to trigger new blood vessels
Israeli doctors performed the first operation of its kind, injecting genes which stimulated the growth of new blood vessels into a cardiac patient, said a spokesman for Rabin Medical Center in Tel Aviv.


The new blood vessels improved the flow of blood to the unnamed 68-year-old patient's heart, allowing such a rapid recovery that he was released from hospital a day after the operation.


The injection was administered through a catheter and the patient remained conscious throughout and suffered no pain, said the Center's spokesman.


"This experiment marks a major breakthrough in the field of genetics and catheterization," said Ran Kornowski, a cardiac specialist at the Center.


"We believe and hope that this revolutionary, innovative research will lead to a major breakthrough in the field of gene transplantation for the treatment of cardiac patients." 


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