Photo: IDF Spokesperson's Office
Soldiers should not go hungry
Photo: IDF Spokesperson's Office
Photo: Marion Hall
All they were given were bananas and cucumbers
Photo: Marion Hall
Photo: CD Bank
The lucky ones received matzah
Photo: CD Bank

'No food, no soldiers'

Dozens of soldiers in basic training flee base after claiming they had not received enough food for three days

Dozens of soldiers in basic training fled their southern IDF base Thursday, after claiming to not have received enough food for the past three days.


The soldiers, who were enlisted into the army two weeks ago, decided to leave the base in protest to the food shortage.


“It reached a point where they were given bananas and cucumbers for lunch,” one concerned mother told Ynet. “It’s a disgrace.”


The soldiers hopped over the fence surrounding the base, ran two kilometers to the main highway and made their way home.


Some regretted their decision and returned to the base, while others were caught near the base. At present, 18 soldiers are still unaccounted for.


Want food? Pay up


Soldiers serving their compulsory service at the base said that due to distribution problems, the base had received less food.


“Some soldiers were only given one piece of matzah and one piece of Pastrami,” one soldier said. “The officers were also embittered about what had happened and called to inquire why so little food had arrived.” 


The hungry soldiers informed their officers that if they were not given more to eat, they would leave, declaring “no food, no soldiers”.


A portable Shekem (Military canteen service) was brought to the base, however, according to soldiers' parents, most of their children did not have cash with them.


No other choice


"The soldiers waited three hours and requested to see the base commander, one parent said. "He refused to leave his office, so they got up and left.” 


However, base officials said the soldiers became unruly, insulted the officers and threw stones at civilian cars.  


The affair has been handed over to Military Police for further investigation, military officials told Ynet.


“My son is sitting at home and is aware of what he did and knows he'll be punished,” one mother said. “But what choice did he have?”  



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