Photo: Reuters
Another Qassam attack (Archive photo)
Photo: Reuters

Qassam lands near Sderot

Rocket fired at southern town, no injuries or damages reported in latest attack

SDEROT - A Qassam rocket landed near the southern town of Sderot early Thursday, causing no injuries or damages.


The rocket apparently landed in an open area.


The latest attack follows the killing of two Palestinian boys by the IDF Wednesday evening.


Sderot mayor Eli Moyal told Ynet local residents are again growing restless and impatient over the ongoing attacks.


“Again, we need to provide a psychological response to residents and children, and again we see anxiety,” he said Monday, after two rockets were fired at the town.


One of the rockets landed near a large factory, with disaster only narrowly averted.


PA released rocket launchers


The Palestinian Authority launched an operation to detain rocket launchers following Monday’s attack, but the detainees have since been released in the face of Hamas fury and Egyptian diplomatic intervention.


Moyal said he expected to hear about a strong Israeli response to the attack, but added his direct line to the prime minister's office, as well as other government ministers, has been silent.


"If they tell us they are 'protesting' to (Palestinian Authority Chairman) Mahmoud Abbas, great. It will really relax me to know we have 'protested' yet another attack. So what? A protest will calm people down?"


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