Photo: Hanan Greenberg
Benisti still prefers her Honda
Photo: Hanan Greenberg

Army 'recruits' Harley-Davidsons

Military Police purchase 60 legendary motorcycles using American aid money

TEL AVIV - The IDF's Military Police have purchased 60 new Harley-Davidson motorcycles using American aid money. The legendary motorcycles will gradually replace older models over the next two years.


The first six Harleys were showcased Monday at a prize-giving ceremony for exemplary soldiers at an IDF instruction base north of Tel Aviv.


Benisti and her new Harley  (Photo: Hanan Greenberg) 


Military Police Head Brigadier General Miki Barel said his unit plans to replace all its motorcycles over the next two years with new Harley-Davidson Sportsters, at a cose of USD 10,000 a piece.


"We are indeed talking about a prestigious bike, but in practice it did not cost that much, because it was partly paid for with money from the U.S.," Barel told Ynet. “This is no doubt a step up from the motorcycles we have in the corps today."


Older is better?


However, despite the enthusiasm, Corporal Moran Benisti remains loyal to her old Honda, despite having an opportunity to take the new Harley out for a test drive.


"It's obvious this motorcycle is better," she said. "But I still prefer the old's the right size for a small person like myself. It's more comfortable than the new motorcycle, but I'm sure I'll get used to it."


Benisti is one of 45 IDF soldiers enlisted in the army's traffic police unit who use motorcycles for both law enforcement and deterrence.


The IDF is expected to receive more motorcycles over the next few months to gradually replace the outdated Hondas and BMWs 


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