Photo: Haim Ziv
Victim attacked for no apparent reason
Photo: Haim Ziv

‘They lynched my child’

Youngster attacked by group of eight boys during bar mitzvah; meanwhile, ministers discuss growing violence

REHOVOT - Violence breaks new records: A 13-year-old boy sustained moderate to serious wounds after a group of eight youngsters assaulted him for no apparent reason during a bar mitzvah celebration in Rehovot, south of Tel Aviv.


The victim’s condition took a turn for the better over the weekend, and he was released from the hospital Sunday morning.


Police said the assailants were drunk and have arrested three boys so far in connection with the shocking incident.


On Friday, police received a report about a boy hospitalized at Kaplan Hospital in Rehovot with injuries to his head. Police investigators who spoke to the boy’s father were shocked to discover he was badly beaten during a bar mitzvah celerbration and hurried to the banquet hall to question those present.


Police set up special investigative team


An initial investigation revealed the victim was approached by an apparently intoxicated 16-year-old in the bathroom. The suspect began provoking the boy and at one point started hitting him. The suspect’s friends noticed the melee and joined in, kicking the boy and breaking a beer bottle on his head.


The victim lost consciousness at one point and was taken to the hospital by his father.


“They lynched my child,” said the boy's father, Haim. “They didn’t even want his cell phone, nothing; they just beat him up - and for what? He celebrated his bar mitzvah a week ago.”


When asked how he plans to carry on from here, Haim said, “I don’t know; I have two more children I also have to worry about. I am simply afraid.”


Investigators later initiated a search for suspects and were able to detain one youngster, who turned in some of his friends.


According to police, one suspect said he was drunk at the time and claimed he was unable to control his actions.


Eli Musari of the Rehovot police said the attack was a difficult case of violence, where a group of boys attacked a youngster for no apparent reason.


“It’s a miracle the incident didn’t end tragically,” he said. “A special investigative team was set up to apprehend all those involved in the brawl. We are holding three detainees at this time, including the main suspect, and I believe we’ll get to all the others who took part in the assault.”


Sharon talks tough


Meanwhile, ministers devoted part of the weekly government session Sunday to the growing violence across the country.


During the meeting, Prime Minister Ariel Sharon said serious efforts are required to address the problem.


“I’m not planning to only have declarations here. Today decisions will be taken regarding the steps that must be adopted,” he said.


No police officers should be dismissed, even after the pullout plan is completed, Sharon added, as he stressed the need to boost police forces.


“It would be a grave mistake to let police officers go after the disengagement. Don’t let even one cop go,” he said.


Interior Minister Ophir Pines-Paz proposed that an inter-ministerial committee by set up with representatives of the Defense, Interior, Finance, and Justice ministries, for the purposes of transferring funds and powers that would allow local municipalities to set up local police forces.


Currently, police services in the country are provided by the Israel Police.


“The public doesn’t have to continue living in a community where anarchy and crime rule,” Pines-Paz said during the session.


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