Will festival venue in Ramallah remain empty?

‘Israel torpedoing international festival’

Palestinians say Israeli Civil Administration is wrecking Ramallah festival by denying several artists permission to enter territories

RAMALLAH - Artists from around the world were set to participate in the Palestine International Festival in Ramallah, which was supposed to open at the end of the month, but local officials are now saying Israel is attempting to torpedo the event.


The event's directors were notified on Monday night that the Civil Administration decided to deny entrance to the Palestinian Territories to a number of bands and artists, among them a Circassian band from Jordan and an Egyptian band, as well as the Iraqi musician Elham El-Madfai, who carries a European passport.


'We are turning to culture supporters to interfere'


The Festival management claimed it was not given any reason for the denial, and blamed the Civil Administration for trying to torpedo the event.


“After five years, during which the Festival could not take place because of the conditions, we thought that the new age will allow for it,” one of the directors told ynet. “The Civil Administration jeopardizes the entire event. We are turning to all culture supporters to interfere and help this important cultural event to take place.”


Lately, Palestinian authorities have been trying to create an atmosphere of regular life through television and radio broadcasts. They have been working on bringing exhibitions, plays and other art events to the territories as well.


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