Photo: Zvika Tishler
Eat food, get gas: Used falafel oil can power your car, scientist says
Photo: Zvika Tishler

From your falafel to your car

Israeli scientist uses falafel cooking oil to make environmentally friendly 'biodiesel' fuel for cars

JERUSALEM - (VIDEO) Have a snack and do the environment a favor.


That's the idea behind Israeli scientist Oren Bigger's device that recycles oil used to make falafel.


The result - "biodiesel" - a greener alternative to fossil fuels like petrol and diesel.


Oren Bigger says the oil used to make falafel is the cheapest and most convenient way to produce biodiesel in Israel.


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Bigger produces his in a workshop at his home in Ramat Raziel, a farming and rural community on the outskirts of Jerusalem. He says more Israelis should follow suit. Biodiesel can be made from a variety of oils and fats and has similar combustion properties to petroleum diesel.


It's nothing new, but Bigger says using falafel oil is easy and cost-effective.


"Israelis love their falafel and all of us eat lots of it," Bigger says. "Therefore, falafel shops and falafel stores are the main source of used cooking oil. Its the cheapest feedstock we can use for making biodiesel."


Bigger says Israelis have more reason than most to get recycling.


"The oil is mainly owned by our enemies or by countries that don't want to make peace with us, and biodiesel can be grown locally, (and is) very, very clean burning," he says.


The scientist has green ambitions beyond the borders of Israel.


He says biodiesel is easy to make at home, and people would no longer be dependent on big corporations if everyone joins in.


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