Photo: Amichai Gross
Luckily the bomb did not blow up
Photo: Amichai Gross
'It's a miracle'
Mortar shell bomb lands on car with two Gaza Strip youngsters inside; bomb leaves gaping hole, but does not blow up

NEVE DEKALIM - Sheila Mashriki and her boyfriend were sitting in a car outside her home in the Gaza Strip settlement of Neve Dekalim Friday when a mortar shell bomb tore through the front of the car.


“Suddenly were heard a boom,” 18-year-old Mashriki told Ynet. “We thought someone had bumped into the car and then we saw a whole in the front of the car, and we saw a realized a bomb had penetrated it and the car didn’t blow up. It's a miracle.”

The bomb tore through the front of the car (Photo: Amichai Gross) 


Mashriki and her boyfriend would have been badly hurt, had the bomb exploded.


“Immediately after the boom people in the area came, and a moment later the security forces arrived,” she said.


Over the past few days, dozens of mortar shell bombs and Qassam rockets were fired at Western Negev and Gaza Strip settlements.


“A mortar shell bomb struck one of our neighbors today,” Mashriki said. “It’s scary, but you live with it. The army must operate and our role is to continue with our daily routines."


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