Photo: Tsafrir Abayov
Marching to Gaza
Photo: Tsafrir Abayov

‘One big togetherness’

Ynet talks to participants at mass anti-pullout march to Gush Katif

KFAR MAIMON - Tsvimi Brand and his family are no strangers to political demonstrations.


The 51-year-old grandfather of three from the West Bank settlement of Kedumim says his six-year-old grandson is already a veteran of more than 30 protest marches and demonstrations.


So it was only natural for Brand and his family to set out together for the Yesha Council protest march from Netivot to Gush Katif Monday.


“I came with my entire family, including grandchildren. Everyone slept under the stars except me, because I had to run my daughter to an exam at university. But everyone else stayed the night,” Brand said.


He said many people who were not planning on attending the rally gave up other plans to attend once they heard police were confiscating drivers licenses to prevent protesters from reaching Netivot Monday.


“When I arrived at the protest at 6 p.m. there were about 10,000 people. By the time the march started towards Kfar Maimon, there were more than 50,000,” he said.


“At this morning’s rally, people wouldn’t let (Druze Knesset Member) Ayoub Kara leave the stage. As a Druze Zionist, his allegiance to the state of Israel and its citizens is very authentic. Everyone cheered him,” brand added.


He added he has been to many demonstrations, including bigger ones than the latest one, but said he has never seen anything like the gathering at Kfar Maimon.


“its fantastic to see so many marchers. I’ve never in my life seen tens of thousands of people - adults and children alike - all marching together. We also marched with a baby stroller, one kid on the shoulders and another in our arms. It has a terrific effect - tens of thousands of people, all united, moving in one direction.”


'No intention to clash with security forces'


Moti Ravhon, 42, of Kibbutz Lavi also participated in the march.


“I am trying to get into Kfar Maimon,” he said. “I went on the march yesterday with the ‘Orange Cell’ group, and now they are not letting us get anywhere.”


“We have no intention to clash with security forces,” he said. “If they stand against us, we’ll find a way to get in without coming to physical or verbal violence.


Ravhon said he already managed to get past two roadblocks.


“I told officers I wanted to get to Kfar Maimon, and that I would sneak in if they said no. That’s what I did, and they looked the other way,” he said.


“There is a ton of army there now. I don’t understand why the army is involved here with civilians instead of defending us against our enemies, which is what its job is.”


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