Going once, going twice. Sharon and the head bandage
Photo: GPO

For sale: Sharon’s 1973 War bandage

Internet surfer whose father served under prime minister’s command in Yom Kippur War wants USD 10,000 for famous head bandage

The son of a doctor who served under General Ariel Sharon is putting the famous head bandage worn by the prime minister during the Yom Kippur War up for sale on eBay.


The advertisement refers to the bandage on sale as, “The authentic head bandage Arik Sharon wore during the Yom Kippur War.”


Sharon resigned from the army in June 1972, but was recalled to active military service in the 1973 Yom Kippur War to command an armored division. He led the crossing of the Suez Canal, which brought about victory in the war and eventual peace with Egypt.


During the battles he suffered a head injury, but continued to lead his troops after being treated and bandaged.


According to the seller, his father, who served in Division 143 under Sharon’s command, kept the old bandage after having replaced it with a fresh one.


This is the bandage that is seen in the famous photos and that has become one the war’s symbols, he said.


The eBay entrepreneur, who told Ynet the bandage has been hanging on his living room wall for years, set the starting price at USD 10,000.


He added that he prefers not reveal his father’s identity, as Sharon’s former soldier has reservations about selling the souvenir on the internet.


Recently former defense minister and chief of staff Moshe Dayan’s famous eye patch was also put on sale, in addition to a menorah made of bullet casings that belonged to the late Prime Minister David Ben-Gurion.


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