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Clear prohibition: Rabbi Shapira
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'IDF rabbis are also bound by Jewish law'

Former chief rabbi tells head IDF chaplain to resign, says prohibition on surrendering parts of the Land of Israel applies to soldiers as well

Former Chief Rabbi Avraham Shapira has called on IDF Chaplain Brig. Gen. Rabbi Yisrael Weiss to resign his position rather than lend support to the Gaza disengagement plan.



The call clarifies the position of Shapira, one of the leading halachic (Jewish law) authorities in the national religious world, that Jewish law prohibits relinquishing parts of the Land of Israel.


Rabbi Shapira called on Rabbi Weiss to resign following the latter’s interview to the IDF magazine Bamachane (“On Base”) in which he claimed Rabbi Shapira never called on him to quit the army.


“IDF rabbis are also bound by Jewish law,” said Rabbi Shapira, and hinted that Weiss could “cleanse himself in an instant” by returning to civilian life.


Shapira added his opinion that the Jewish law forbidding giving parts of the land of Israel to non-Jews applied to civilians as well as soldiers.


“Expulsion of Jews is halachically (Jewish law) forbidden.”


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