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PA wants more forces (Archive photo: Reuters)
Photo: Reuters
PA to move forces from Lebanon to Gaza
Palestinian Authority plans to transfer Palestinian gunmen from Lebanese refugee camps to boost its strength in Gaza, Lebanese newspaper reports
Palestinian gunmen residing in Lebanese refugee camps will be transferred to Gaza via Egypt immediately after the pullout is completed, Lebanese newspaper al-Hayat reported Saturday morning.


According to the report, Palestinian sources associated with PA Minister for Refugee Affairs Abbas Zaki, who is currently in Lebanon, said the move aims to provide the PA with an armed force that is considered “neutral” and is not connected to any of the armed militias active in the Gaza region.


Once the move is implemented, the Palestinians will announce that they have complied with their part of United Nations Security Council Resolution 1559, which calls for the dismantlement of all armed militias in Lebanon, including the Palestinian forces in the refugee camps.


Meanwhile, Minister Zaki is expected to discuss other matters related to Palestinian refugees in Lebanon during his visit to the country, including Fatah movement activity there.


‘Gaza settlements to be evacuated by month’s end’


But while the PA makes its move, senior Hamas members announced again, during a press conference in Gaza, that they have no intentions to disarm the group. The Hamas leaders also called for international recognition of their movement and said the group should be removed from the list of terror organizations.


Palestinian Minister Nabil Shaath also convened a press conference and said continued Israeli control over Palestinian airspace, as well as other disagreements over crossing points, mean the Gaza withdrawal will not complete.


Shaat also said that according to information received by the PA, all Gaza Strip settlements will be evacuated by the end of August. Following the evacuation, he said, the settlement of Netzarim will become a part of Gaza’s port, while the settlement of Dugit will become a new Palestinian town.


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