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Photo: Avi Cohen
Troops arrive in Morag
Photo: Avi Cohen

Settler to troops: How can you do this?

Forces who arrived at Gaza settlement of Morag encounter residents at community’s gate. One local, Ayelet, carrying a baby, turns to Golani Brigade commander: You are pure souls, you cannot implement pullout; commander replies: This is democracy

Forces who arrived at the Gaza settlement of Morag to hand out evacuation notices encountered residents at the entry gate to the community. The locals attempts to convince the troops to refrain from taking part in the pullout.


Meanwhile, Morag resident Ayelet, with a baby in her arms, turned to Golani Brigade Commander Erez Zuckerman and told him: “This is our community…we won’t allow someone who wants to destroy it to do so…you in Golani have a heart.”


Zuckerman, settler speak


Zuckerman replied: “All the senior commanders from Golani are here exactly because it’s a very difficult and charged incident. We prefer that you take your anger out on us and not at the young soldiers. If you want, we’ll come in and go house to house, but if you don’t want that, we’ll understand and accept it.”


Ayelet promptly replied: “Your souls are too pure, you’re Golani, my husband told me Golani are all heart. They would not be able to do this.”


Zuckerman then responded: “Way to go for making it here, I think this is true Zionism, but now there’s an evacuation and that’s our democratic country, and we’ll do it.”


Ayelet then said: “I’m glad to have spoken with the Golani brigade commander, but this is not democracy. Sharon said he’ll submit the question to a Likud referendum, everyone voted against it, and he did it anyway.”


Meanwhile, despite calls by settlement leaders to grant access to soldiers so they could distribute evacuation notices, settlers did not budge.


One of the settlers asked: “Golani soldiers, what will you tell your children 20 years from now? In 20 years, when you’ll see a shrink, what will you say; we were only following orders? “



Following this exchange, high ranking Golani officers broke away from demonstrators in order to determine whether to give the notices to the settlement’s secretary or try to enter the settlement again .


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