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Israel Cohen following attack
Photo: Tzvika Tishler

Amputee children leave Kfar Darom

There siblings who lost their legs after sustaining serious injuries in terror attack leave. Their mother says she cannot look them in the eye

I cannot look the orphans here in the eye, said Noga Cohen from Kfar Darom, whose children sustained serious injuries and had their legs amputated following a Gaza Strip attack several years ago.


"Those who amputated their legs are going to get everything (in Kfar Darom,)" she said.


Indeed, Kfar Darom evacuees include many bereaved families and victims of terror attacks, a result of years of Israeli-Palestinian fighting and a string of terror attacks. Among them are the three Cohen siblings, who had their legs amputated following a terror attack.


In the Bitton family home, meanwhile, there are six orphaned children who lost their father to an attack, as was the case in other homes in the community.


Family does not intend to clash with troops


In November 2000, a Palestinian terrorist targeted a bus carrying Kfar Darom children to school. The bus exploded at the entrance to the community, as horrified parents watched. Two people were killed in the attack and nine more were injured.


The most well-known victims of the attack are the Cohen siblings, Israel, Orit, and Tehila. The children were forced to undergo long months of grueling physiotherapy before they were able to return to school.


Major General Yiftah Ron-Tall, who arrived at Kfar Darom with evacuation forces, entered the family home and spoke with family members, who told him they have no intention of clashing with troops. The family said it would leave the moment it will be asked to do so and informed Ron-Tal it intends to relocate to the southern town of Be'er Sheva.


Hanan Greenberg contributed to the story


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